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  1. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 3

    (see 0 for further citations

    Germaine Cellier

    Perfumer; born in Bordeaux in 1909; died in 1976; a striking woman—elegant, tall, thin, blond, blue-eyed. She had a sharp sense of humour and was full of vitality. Worked for the fragrance house Roure-Bertrand-Dupont; e.g. created Fracas for Robert Piguet in 1948, Balmain Jolie Madame in 1953, Balmain Monsieur Balmain in 1964, and Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie in 1946. ...
  2. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 2

    Evelyne Boulanger
    Annabella Rouge
    Bogner Wood Woman (2003)
    Comme des Garcons series 2, Red: Carnation (2001)
    Comme des Garcons series 3, incense: Jaisalmer (2002)
    Comme des Garcons series 3, incense: Zagorsk (200)
    E Coudray Givrine (reformulation)
    Spirit Life by Esprit (2003)
    Givenchy My Givenchy (2005)
    Jil Sander Scent 79 Woman (2007)
    L'Artisan Patchouli Patch (2002, with Bertrand Duchaufour)
    Muelhens Bella Firenze ...
  3. Female Noses and Perfumers - for Women's History Month Part 1

    March is Women's History month and March 8th is International Women’s Day.

    Quarry has proposed “diversity” month on the female fragrance forum and I’m interested in trying to wear only scents from Houses headed by women – or developed by female “noses”.

    So that meant doing some research. With the directory down – I had to turn to Perfume Intelligence The Encyclopaedia of Perfume looking at their list of perfumers (noses). I was surprised how many women I found. ...
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