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Belinda Cook

  1. Perfume creation on hold...till now

    Finally my brand spanking new website is up and running and I'll be able to concentrate on creating perfumes once again.

    Let me know your thoughts on the new B Fragrances website
  2. Perfume Use article by Sarah Murray

    Found this interesting article on perfume use written by Sarah Murray and published in New Zealand.

    Read Sarah's article here
  3. $300 million wasted every year

    $300 million dollars is wasted every year by perfume spillages when travelling. The $30 billion dollar global perfume industry has consumers finding their fragrances leaking into their luggage when travelling on aeroplanes; where losing just 1% to spillage ends up costing consumers over $300 million dollars a year.

    As fragrances have evolved into essential personal care items with 72% of people using their perfumes daily, and carrying them when travelling; the availability of air ...
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  4. Brand Loyalty

    Survey results indicated participants consider a unique individual style as being important when choosing their perfumes; with just over 1/4 have loyalty to only one brand.
  5. Survey Results # 2

    Over half the people surveyed carried their perfumes with them on a daily basis with the common concerns amongst travellers being bottle size, wanting leak proof bottles, which are allowed on planes.
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