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  1. Dior homme sport v. Hanae Mori v. Allure homme sport

    What do you guys think?
    Not just smell but longevity,projection etc....
    Which is the most versatile?
    Is the ginger offensive or out of place in DHS?
    Are they classroom scents?
    High school age guy.

    also is only the brave worth the price ?
  2. What in your opinion is the best highschool cologne to wear in warmer weather(Texas ,South Florida)?

    These are the colognes i currently own.

    -I am King
    - Gucci Pour Homme
    - Live Jazz
    - Issey Miyake
    - Allure Homme Sport
    - Love and Luck
    - Black XS
    - Green Irish Tweed ( For special events and stuff)
    - ADG

    I wanted to know what is the best one to make a daily wear that isnt too expensive. Also I wanted to know of Silver Mountain Water is worth getting because i herd it smells alot like I am king , which ...
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