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  1. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Hi Tanya!

    Ah, so it was probably reading your review or thread comments regarding Apres Londee, that has made me want this. You use the word magical, and thats it! I'm hooked! I'm joking, i have only read good things about it, both here and in A-Z Guide. Turin has it in his top ten feminines, and to complete that particular list, i only need to get Amouage Homage. But i want to sample first, as it is so darn expensive. I am VERY excited about trying the AL though.

  2. Red Theodora's Avatar
    Dear Wendy,
    I hope you like the Apres L'ondee, I find it magical! Of course, I'm a huge Guerlain fan to begin with.

    Tanya (aka Red Theodora)
  3. akiba66's Avatar
    Wow! Lucky you. I have recently developed an interest in vintage perfumes and have been scouting ebay every now and then. Have not had much success with bidding - always getting outbid, so now look out more for items with the "buy" now option. You are very lucky!!! Enjoy your stash!
  4. Scent-imental's Avatar
    You combine them wonderfully, I have yet to explore literature, that is part of the journey i've not yet reached, maybe. I admit i did just order one book today. But not literature, a guide, by Turin and Sanchez, i'm looking forward to browsing through it.
  5. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    Oh that swat, it's the gentle swat of a mother bear, you know "down, cub. We all know how good Mitsouko is!" and all of that. Negative reviews are fascinating. I would certainly sample before blind buying. If I can't find a sample source, I'll surely take you up on your kind offer.

    Oh my silly books+perfume fixation. When I love two things I want them to go together and fit, even if they don't. It just adds to the pleasure to combine two passions. Even if it is ultimately like 'what the heck is she on about with Nabokov and Guerlain?'

    Your blog entries remind me of what's fun about the vintage perfume hunt.
  6. Scent-imental's Avatar
    I have not yet been back to the store to purchase this frag, as i need my husband to drive me there. However, I would be delighted to offer a couple of mls for you to try aei
    I dread to think of you making a blind buy, and must save you from such a fate. I shall pm you and obtain your address to mail you samples, the very moment i get home from the store. I shall the be able to sleep soundly, knowing i did the right thing.
    I think I Must have been having a bad day, the day i wrote this entry, because i have not received any derogatory comments or sarcasm, regarding anything i have posted on BN. i do enjoy reading everyone's reviews, i particularly love when someone hates a frag, how wonderful their sarcasm, and sense of humour. I admire the eloquence, and imagination of others, and learn from it all. I cannot imagine you ever being swatted down; your blog entries are extremely well thought out, knowledgeable, and interesting. We all make our contribution, and i love different views and perceptions. We owe it to others to share ours
  7. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you aei I too wonder about her. I know she had a special fragrance cupboard, and kept the majority of these in their boxes. That suggests to me that she was "one of us" except, without BN for her to talk about her collection. I am certain she would be very happy that her treasures came to a like-minded person. I am finding it very difficult to let go of them, as my mother-in-law obtained these for me to sell. The decisions of which to keep, and which to sell have been difficult, and i have already put one item on Ebay, and removed it hours later, terrified that someone would bid. Sigh. Oh well.
  8. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Sensuous Naked Candybox Bouquet September Gurl edition? Is that a flanker? I really must seek that out at once lol. But only the Vintage edition.

    I think I ramble aei almost think out loud, and if even one person reads it, i am cheered by that. Like you said, a journey, and i'll probably look back over it, in a year or so, and chuckle, at my naivete. But i really enjoy being part of the community, and take as much as i can from the more knowledgeable people, whilst giving back a little, by adding my 2 cents here and there. I love this place, and all it represents. And i greatly appreciate your comments. Thank you
  9. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    I'm certainly going to check out Sean O'Mara's work now. How fascinating! Excellent review.

    Anyone who would look down on your enthusiasm would be a jaded goose. The only thing that keeps places like BN fresh and interesting at all is the mix of different types of voices. I too am a relative beginner and sometimes get swatted down when I mention something that is apparently "old hat," but for the most part everyone puts up with it nicely and we learn from each other. I think a fresh perspective is a rare and valuable thing in the world of fragrance, and you seem to have it. I must admit I sort of miss when I first picked up a perfume only a few months back and it seemed magic instead of like a collection of notes to discern. I must get back to that feeling!
  10. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    THOSE PICTURES. I'm verklempt! I'm so curious about the woman who collected all of these, why she chose each, when and if she wore them. Vintage holds so many stories that add pricelessness. Hurrah for your treasures!
  11. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    So glad to hear you're having better luck with the SAs.

    I always enjoy reading anyone's personal journey with perfume. Much more interesting than endless announcements of the newest release "Sensuous Naked Candybox Bouquet September Gurl edition," etc.

    Sounds like you've had some fantastic finds.
  12. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you Hayven, i appreciate your feedback. Its very welcome
  13. Hayven's Avatar
    Don't be hard on yourself! It takes time to develop a nose for discerning notes. You did very well here with your review and are more articulate than I could be.
  14. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you so much, i appreciate that Tanya, you are right, it really does. Please accept my sympathies also in return.

    And i am very blessed with my vintages lately, it feels like the right thing to do, to redistribute them to where they will be best loved. I know there are quite a few BN'ers who love vintage, and search for it on Ebay.
  15. Red Theodora's Avatar
    Dear Scent-imental,
    You have my deepest sympathy about your Uncle. I have lost a lot of my family in the last few years and know how each loss rips a piece of your heart away.
    But lucky you, vintage Jean Patou 1000! How delightful!

    Sincerely, Tanya (a.k.a Red Theodora)
  16. Scent-imental's Avatar
    I haven't watched it, to be honest, but people talk about it to me, and i would say that Anchorage, where i live, is a pretty big town, with all the regular things a normal town has. It's certainly more townish, than the village in Ireland, where i lived before coming here.
    Though the small remote towns do exist, and using my husbands flying privileges, in my obsession for vintage, we are flying to Kenai today, thats a small town, lots of log cabin type houses, but they have this wonderful thrift/ antique shop, that i remembered i had seen some perfumes in, so i am dragging him there with me today, on his day off. Hope i find some good stuff, and what i don't keep will be passed on.
    Funny you mentioning about the charity shops, and trying to make them keep fragrances for us - i went to the website of a large one here, with branches all over America, and i sent a direct mail to their head office, asking if they would have all of their branches keep their donated fragrances, and mail them to me, and i would pay. Ambitious? I bet they shook their heads at my nerve, but at least they replied, even if only to say "no"
    I also went direct to the donation centres, and have asked at 2 of them, if they would be willing to keep the for me, and again "no"
    It's annoying! I want them!
    Keeping up the fight, to keep vintage alive and well!

  17. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    Do you like the show Northern Exposure? Ever since first seeing it I had this weird urge to live in "quirky" small town Alaska. It's probably not really like that though? But having a personal pilot probably helps matters.

    What a shame that donated perfumes are thrown out! I keep trying to think of a way to get charity shops to save them for me, then I could make a donation to the charity instead of buying, but most won't go for that.
  18. Genie Jeanie's Avatar
    This is such a wonderful story in so many ways! You found that special, coveted scent you've been yearning for & it came from a lady who feels blessed that her Mother's personal items are once again cherished. Things certainly do happen for a reason. Thanks for sharing this!
  19. Scent-imental's Avatar
    I was down in the Seattle Nordstrom last month, it's huge compared to ours up here, and i felt very intimidated. However, i am coming to believe, that these girls are here to assist us, not thwart us, and i will endeavour strenuously, on behalf of all of us BN's, to break their steely resolve, and relieve them of a few paltry milliliters of their jealously guarded treasures. I will prevail, and ask every single time i go in to Nordstrom. I will exude an attitude of confidence, and knowledgeability. I will know my fougeres from my chypres, and they will quail beneath my steely, yet compassionate advances. I will in short, take one for the team. And blog the results.
  20. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the tips! I have been racking my brains, tried Value Village at 2 different locations in town, and even went direct to the Donation Centre, and they explained their policy about "used cosmetics" which are discarded, apparently. What a shame! We have few antique shops as such, and i have not had one email alert regarding an estate sale. As for Washington/Oregon, i get down there at least to Washington, once every 6 months - husband is a pilot, we can fly cheaply, so i feel a "business trip" is necessary in the very near future. His family are in Oregon, so a visit might be propitious. There are definitely more opportunities down there, and it's a short-ish plane ride. And i'll also comb Amazon too. I appreciate your help, thanks again
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