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  1. Welcome to Just Starting Out...

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    Hello Cindy
    What an exciting world you've yet to discover! I find fragrance just so exciting, and I get a real thrill every time I buy a new one. As for the snooty perfume counter assistants, there is a simple solution. You subtley lean across the counter and whisper, "Listen, love, you're a shop assistant. Get over yourself." Works a treat ;-)

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    Hi PB
    Do you wait absolutely ages for people to reply?
  2. Creed Perfumes - Should I or shouldn't I?

    I've never even smelled a Creed perfume, but when I'm next in London, I'm going to test a few. Do you aficionados have any recommendations for me, Creed wise? My personal tastes range from Agent Provocateur and Diane (the new Von Furstenberg) to Gucci Rush, Elie Saab and J'Adore. Which Creed, if any, will I like? Thank you, oh wise fellow perfumeheads!

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