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  1. The Good Ol' Days, or the Latest and the Greatest...

    by , 30th July 2017 at 11:40 AM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    A recent thread on Basenotes got me thinking about classic fragrances. I went to a department store a few days ago, and browsed the perfume counters. Women's counter had Shalimar (1921) Chanel no 5 (1921), Opium (1977) and White Sholders (1945). Going over to the men's counter, the oldest thing that I could find was Polo (1978) followed by Fahrenheit and Cool Water, both from 1988. Why the lack of classics in the men's line? There are several possible reasons. First, for over 100 years, perfumes ...
  2. Optical Illusions, perceived scents, and the tricky mind

    by , 23rd July 2017 at 11:01 AM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    We all have seen an optical illusion. "Which line is longer?" (They're all the same size) Our brains often trick us into believing something that isn't real. People accept that this is true if you point it out, but often refuse to believe they have been tricked unless it is irrefutably shown to them.
    I had to physically cover all surrounding squares before I could believe that "A" and "B" are the same exact shade of grey.

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    Updated 23rd July 2017 at 11:17 AM by Possum-Pie

  3. Naturals vs Aroma Chemicals. The misunderstood world of chemicals

    by , 28th June 2017 at 06:18 PM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    I had a woman argue with me a few months ago that her aroma oils contained "NO CHEMICALS" I gently told her that she was absolutely wrong. The world is made of chemicals. Water is H20, Two hydrogen atoms bound by an Oxygen. Sugar is C12H22O11. To say something is "Chemical free" is absurd. I knew of course what she meant. She wanted to articulate to me that her product contained only natural ingredients. So let's look at that statement. Does that make it "better?" ...
  4. Changing tastes

    by , 10th May 2016 at 10:49 AM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    I took a 2 year hiatus from posting and discussing fragrances. I tend to obsess over things, and I needed a break. Back then, if you look up old posts of mine containing the word "Creed" I was a hater. I felt that they were over-rated and over-discussed. Funny thing since then I re-tried and bought GIT, AVENTUS, and ROYAL OUD. I'm trying to decide if my tastes changed, or just my attitude. I began thinking about this more, and pulled out all of my collection, and started going through ...
  5. Summer's coming...

    by , 12th May 2013 at 11:08 AM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    Well, I'm back after a (forced) holiday of two months...All I can say is be very careful not to irritate the moderators. They have the power of life and death on Basenotes.
    With Summer coming, I have been to the department stores looking over the fragrances. Those who follow my posts on Basenotes know I have been a staunch niche fragrance fan. True they are harder to find, and more expensive, but you will not smell like everyone else, and the scent usually lasts all day.
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