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  1. Aparishun's Avatar has the entire line, including edition favorite. but look under allure homme sport.
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Me too, on the BN withdrawals. Fragantica just doesn't cut the mustard with me. I like it here, i like the interface, i'm glad we're up and running again, so I can have my "fix"
  3. Wheelman's Avatar
    Just now recovering from BN withdrawal symptoms 8-). Anyway, thanks for the welcomes, Scent-imental and Marais 8-).
  4. Marais's Avatar
    Welcome and ramble away; some of us still have a decent attention span and some of those who don't are fast readers
  5. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Don't be hard on yourself Wheelman, i like reading the blogs, and contribute a fair amount of rambling meanderings myself. Musings, comparisons, novice reviews from my untrained nose. It's a fun way to record my thinking. Thumbs up
  6. Wheelman's Avatar
    Testing the comment facility. And noting that this blog entry doesn't really flow like I would like, as a reread 4 hours after posting showed me. Just a word change here and there, maybe a change of tense, would have made it much better. Note to self: don't be so d*&^ quick on the trigger 8-).

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