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  1. Southerngardens Samples Reviews-Sample Provided by MikePerez23 PART 2

    • Vintage Philtre D'Amour by Guerlain

      Vintage Philtre D'Amour opened with a strong verbena and lemon notes and a faint bergamot note. I'm here to tell you the opening would burn the fuzz right off your cheeks it was that zingy! 20 minutes in I could smell the pettigrain, neroli and a faint green note of myrtle. I didn't get the Jasmine note at all. I think the citrus accord damaged my nostrils!
      30 Minutes in, I am still getting the citrus accord, but the base note
  2. The Blue Year- L'Heure De Nuit Perfume Review (Review Via The Perfume Candy

    Itís not often that a perfume turns 100 years old, heck itís not often that a person hits the big one double zero, let alone a scent. But in a world where there are a cool 1,200 + perfume launches per year, many of which ride the coat tails of some quasi-celebrity or another whose career is most likely going to be short lived, longevity isnít something thatís guaranteed. So it stands to reason that a perfume which has managed to last for a cool century should be celebrated.
    2012 marks the

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