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Andrč Moreau

  1. All batch-codes in a single page

    I have written in a sinle page all the "batchcodes" until now.
    I did my best to be the most accurate possible.
    I will suggest you to "bookmark" this page, so using your "smartphone" or "tablet" you can have all data immediately available.
    Thid is particularly useful when you have a "vintage" scent in front of you, and you need to know the year of production immediately, in order to decide whether to buy it or not.
    "Raiders ...
  2. Chamade VS Chamade

  3. LIDGE blind-test + comments unlocked.

    LIDGE blindtest review

    ..... and, hopefully, comments are unlocked now!
  4. OPIUM year 2013: 11-batches blind test.

    The history of the "reformulations" involving Opium started many years ago -probably in the mid-80s- but only since 2008-2009 it began a serious -very serious- question.Reformulations since 2008-2009 were one of the most hot and.discussed topics, and you can find dozens of articles over the Net about it. All contributors, however, agree on a fact: Opium is no longer the same scent than before, opulent, rich and magnificent, a real symbol of a Golden Era. The aspect we want to explore, ...
  5. From Splash to Spray.

    From splash to Spray
    How to "transform" your old Splash bottles in Spray ones...

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