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  1. 2010-2020 - A Decade of Men's Perfume in Review Pt 1: Aventus and the Bleu Man Group

    A lot of huge changes came to men's perfume in the 2010's, from a changing of standards in design to the sheer influx of men adopting fragrance as a regular part of their grooming routine, with both good and bad along the way. Some men might say most changes have been bad, as "the world as they know it" in regards to fragrance ceased to exist during this transition, while others call what we have now a new renaissance. It's difficult to say for sure if guys are better off now than they ...

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  2. MIA Review: Eternity Eau de Parfum for Men by Calvin Klein (2019)

    This is a review for a perfume not yet in the Basenotes Directory. I will move the review to the directory and hide this blog entry once the perfume is added to the database.


    Calvin Klein seems to be having trouble with where to go next concerning some of its largest and best-selling lines. Eternity for Men (1989) was a watershed release that not only rekindled interest in the fougère genre beyond the tired barbershop varieties and the overbearing musky powerhouses ...
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  3. Reformulation Madness: Is Older Always Better?

    One of the things a serious collector and wearer of perfumes must consider is reformulation: That inevitability when a perfumer decides to change the formula based on ingredients availability, cost, changes in regulation, or sometimes even for stylistic refresh. That last one is all but blasphemy as most people who fall in love with a fragrance never wish it to change, but the ones before it are more or less begrudgingly understood as a fact of life within this hobby. Whether to pinch a few more ...
  4. Much Ado About Nothing: Perfume Cost

    The average person who walks into a perfume store, or a perfume counter at a department store, tries or is shown several things by the salesperson, makes a choice or takes some samples for a later choice, and life goes on. Sometimes you have that person on a mission that knows what they want, and they're less likely to explore or be talked into something, but the bottom line is they smell something and they like it, they make a purchase or don't, and that's the end of the show folks.

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  5. Perfume Jargon: The Fougère Pt. 3

    No discussion of the revered fougère genre in perfume could happen without mentioning the rise of niche perfume. Niche perfume houses unattached to designer labels began to grow in number, undoubtedly because they offered the variety that was missing in increasing amounts from designer and drugstore perfume over the years. Niche houses were great at first because they weren't confined to budgetary limitations, made scents via focus groups, or needed contracts with large chem firms to operate effectively ...
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