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  1. Dhs

    Hey basenoters wanted to ask you a quick question. I came across a what appears to be a vintage bottle of Dior Homme Sport(black collar) at a local perfume shop. As soon as I seen the black label i thought "wow vintage sport". Obviously they did not know that and I end up getting it for $65 for a 100ml, and I must say I am absolutely blown away by thois fragrance. My question to you guys is which version do you prefer and are there any major differences between the two?
  2. Creed Aventus

    Hey Basenoters was wondering if you guys could tell me where I could purchase a fresh genuine bottle of Aventus without paying full retail. Also willing to get in on a split with trustworthy Partners. Thanks in advance
  3. Looking for a new fresh scent

    Can you guys recommend some good fresh, clean, and crisp smelling colognes that will garnish compliments and has pretty decent longevity and silliage. Looking for affordable around the $35-$85 mark unless I can get in on a split for a more expensive frag. I already own:

    Isseye Miyake
    Bleu De Chanel
    Bergomotto Marino
    CH 212
    Chrome and Chrome Legend
    JV Artisan
    Lacoste Pour Homme and Essentials
    Silver Al Rehab
    Versace ...
  4. New member

    Hi basenoters I am a new to the forums although I quite frequently visited the site for advice and opinions on fragrances. I recently started collecting and wanted to ask you guys what are some "must have" fragrances that I need to add. I prefer designer because they are a bit more affordable. Here's what I currently own:

    Mikes Collection*

    Isseye Myake
    Hanne Mori
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Carolina Herrera ...

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