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  1. Recommended Montale fragrances

    I'm looking to expand my Montale collection and would really like to hear your thoughts on your favourite ones? I currently own:

    Black Aoud
    Blue Amber
    Chocolate Greedy
    Dark Aoud

    If anybody has any samples for swap/sale I'd be interested as well!
  2. I'm looking for anybody with a substantial Serge Lutens collection to perhaps trade some samples?

    Really love this house to bits and am looking to delve a lot deeper into it but would like to perhaps sample more before I make any purchases. Can anybody help? I can provide decanting materials if need be and also have a nice collection with which to trade also!
  3. Release Date For Montale Blue Amber???

    Can anyone advise on the supposed release date for this fragrance at all. I'm doing a write up and can't find any information on it?

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