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  1. Histoires de Parfums - 1740 [ Marquis de Sade ]

    He invites you in with a smile and a promise.

    “Do you want a drink? ” he asks and before you answer there’s an elegant glass full of an unidentifiable liqueur placed on the small modern table in front of you. He’s at the bar, not far away from you, sipping from an identical glass. You pick it up, smell it and swallow a mouthful. Somehow, you feel that you need it. The spicey liquid travels fast and warms your chest, leaving a harsh sweet taste in your mouth. You close your eyes for ...
  2. Diptyque – Philosykos

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    There’s a fig tree in my yard. Now if you ever seen a Sycomore fig tree you might imagine that something like that happened to appear in my minuscule yard, in Bucharest, so allow me to correct you hasty. This is a small, scraggy tree, growing out of a tongue of not particularly good earth. It just decided that it wants to BE and out of sheer will, IS.

    It’s also a very old tree, I remember playing near it as a child whenever I came to visit ...
  3. Lush - Breath of God

    You are standing in a field. You kneel and take a handful of earth. Outside is cloudy and humid, about to rain but not yet. The earth is moist and you feel it on your fingers as you play with it. I say earth but what i mean is soil, the real stuff, meaty, dirty yet fertile. Things are growing here.

    You bring it close to your nose, attracted by its texture and the ancient connection with this loam, the estranged and always present pull of the earth. You take a deep breath, You don’t ...
  4. YSL - Kouros

    I tried Kouros. But first you might ask, what or who is a kouros?! Wikipedia helps as always :”The termkouros, meaning (male) youth, a generic term for the standing male figure. As a side note the female counterpart of this word is Kore or Koure .

    Now that we got this out fo the way let me start this report about its unique dirty animal nature. The 80s’ powerhorse like most of the 80s is loud, unapologetically confident and doesn’t care about polarizing its audience. This scents ...
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  5. Thoughts about blogging


    If you are here you might be curious what I have to say about perfumes, in which case, I warmly want to thank you for this interest!

    Now, i do not know if i should blog here or not [ or here too ] but for now you can find me here:

    I might blog here too soon though.

    Thank you

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