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  1. Davana

    Today I'm simmering some davana EO in the living room, on my little tealight oil burner. I float a few drops of the EO or absolute in water, then light the tea light underneath, and wait for the magic.
    Davana is a hard one for me to use in perfumes, it's so very pungent and sour. Yet on its own, like this, the fruity, jammy aspects emerge. It's very pleasant. Reminds me quite a lot of tamarindo, one of my favorite beverages. Hard to find tamarindo here in Germany!
    Davana's most famous ...
  2. A Cold and Dismal Day

    Those cold, dark days of almost-winter are back, albeit in fits and starts. As usual at this time, I find myself reaching for something warm, woodsy, and peppery. Will it be Coup de Fouet? Even Yatagan? No, today my scent is Flower Oriental. Most peppery scents utilize the almost ubiquitous pink pepper (or its synthetic equivalent). Some, like Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo V., use the black. Flower Oriental uses sichuan pepper, even hotter than the others. Matched with headspace kyara incense (a form ...
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