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    Try Bleecker Street by Bond # 9......and make sure to try it on your skin and give it a full day's wearing.....then, tell me what you think.
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    Most of the occassions I've complimented a stranger on their fragrance was because it was so strong that I felt a comment was required, but didn't wish to be rude. So, instead, I'd say, "You smell nice. What is that you're wearing?"
  3. Surfacing's Avatar
    Nice read Rawk.

    I do get wowed every so often. But many times, it is after the second or third....testing. I understand I need to "get to know" the particular scent more. First sampling, things may move past me, and I may not take notice. Other times, the notes/accords will scare me away.

    But I do get wowed a couple of times a year. SMN Acqua di Cuba, Villoresi's Yerbamate, Burberry London, YSL M7, SL Ambre Sultan .....

    Getting wowed, however, doesn't make me feel compelled to wear the fragrance alot. Most of the time, the scent in particular is something I wouldn't want to wear often. Perhaps it is too bold or for certain "moods". Yes, my mood ( along with climate and occasion) dictate most of the time what I wear.

    Most times though, the scent I sample is something I wouldn't want to wear. My main problem is finding fragrances I can wear casually. That seems easy on the surface, but for me, it is the hardest.
  4. akshay03's Avatar
    I like to think of it this way: the day a fragrance completely wows me is the day my hobby is over. That would be it. There would be no need to search for that "perfect scent" anymore because I would have found it.

    You know how they say the journey is more fulfilling than the destination? That's how I feel about my hobby here. So I guess what I'm trying to say is - be thankful you haven't found that perfect, amazing scent yet. It gives you a reason to keep doing what you love (trying out new stuff!) longer.
  5. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Actually, I'm going to try out Purple Label's distant cousin, Bond No. 9 Bleeker St. I haven't really touched the Amouge line up, very pricey, but I might eventually. I was thinking about testing Jubilation, Silver, and Dia.
  6. 's Avatar
    Over the weekend- my husband bought me Guerlain's Rose Barbare and Serge Lutens' Fleurs D'oranger---birthday gifts. I like them alot but they don't transport me to heaven. Only lyric Woman can do that.
    Have you ever tried Ralph Lauren --Puple label and Amouage Gold for Men and Jubilation for Men? They are very beautiful. I have all 3 and I wear them very happily. No one would guess that they are for men and Oh yes--forgot one--MPG --Ambre Precieux
  7. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Yea, there's only been two fragrances in my life that I've come running back to because I regretted ever giving what's left of my bottle away and they're the two in my wardrobe right now. "Pure Malt" is currently my mainstay for the colder months and parties because it's versatile and different enough without being over bearing (it being limited edition helps too! LOL). WIth Pure Malt though, I won't miss it if I'll never find another bottle again. I can always find a suitable and possibly better, replacement for it's intended purpose. However, I save a lot of money by not purchasing a lot of bottles and I can just hoard as many samples as I want to find a small list of things I'll continue wearing until those samples run out. Maybe a bottle will emerge out of that pile. LOL.
  8. 's Avatar
    I'm not going to hurl insults at you. No indeed-for I have somewhat the same problem. I can go through a year of frenzied ordering of samples-only to come up with one perfume that I love and it's always a very expensive one. In between-I'll get perfumes from my family that are o.k. -but nothing that delights my soul. In the final analysis; I think that it all boils down to our individuality and the conviction that there's still a perfume out there that's made or about to be made that will be right for us.
  9. Surfacing's Avatar
    I have always thought it was important to remember "how it all started". Another fine personnal article, Rawk Lee.
  10. Surfacing's Avatar
    It is always a pleasure to read these personnal fragrance blogs of yours, Rawk Lee. Keep it up !
  11. jayjupes's Avatar
    have you tried/do you like the dirty english?
    they have it in marshall's by my house and it sounds like a poor man's MKK
    seems like something nice to layer an indolic white floral over -- after it's dried down a bit.

    thanks friend
    another good blog.
  12. Amit's Avatar
    Great read
  13. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Oh, the 7 bottle rule is my own rule. Believe me, everyone else here goes nuts and I'm one of the very few who hasn't. Haha. I'm just showing restraint and the next bottle #7 would be somewhat monumental for me.
  14. jayjupes's Avatar
    nobody told me about this 7 bottle rule!
    though, with the drugstore stuff i buy on the cheap from amazon, i could buy 20 fragrances a year and not feel it...
  15. Hollandaze's Avatar
    ROFL. I didn't realize I spelled that. HORRIBLE. Fixed now.
  16. Surfacing's Avatar
    Oh ! Sorry man, I didn't intentionally want to write "easy to please", but rather just kind of rewrite the term "simplistic"...LOL

    Hey, I do enjoy your blog and do think it is great that you are here to guide those guys whom are new so this fragrance fascination. Really important, I believe. It really is a jungle out there. Not just for what to sample and how it is presented, but in other ways as well.

    Getting the thoughts of someone who is at least 2 years into this habit helps many

    And about the decants, yes they help alot. I highly recommend going that route, although I have been adding more and more full bottles as of late.
  17. Hollandaze's Avatar
    Actually, if I was easy to please, I'd have a ton of bottles. Right now I have 4, I'm just more simplistic with my tastes more so than easy to please. Haha. Even though I'm no longer actively purchasing bottles, I just like offering my perspective to newbies with mindset that I too, was a newbie at some point. So I just try to remember what it was like when I started. I'll always keep sniffing whatever's new, hot, or something hyped that i never got around to checking out. I might try to see if I can get decants of things that might tickle my fancy. That's always one way to stay in the hobby without purchasing bottles.
    Updated 30th December 2009 at 07:56 AM by Hollandaze
  18. jayjupes's Avatar
    my gf has varvatos and i just bought her the bulgari aqua.
    i think i'm gonna wind up using most of both, not to mention the brut.
    she can use her super expensive vetiver and bay rum stuff, it's not for me.
    i'll be reading you more as i like your writing and we share some likes thus far.
    Updated 30th December 2009 at 01:42 AM by jayjupes (misspelling)
  19. Surfacing's Avatar
    Thanks for the read, Rawk Lee. I did enjoy it.

    I envy you, that you are easy to please. I'm the opposite unfortunatly, waaay too pickey !! And never satisfied and always searching....but things are getting better now

    Thanks goodness for Basenotes, where we ( guys) can take the fragrance obssesion to another level. I've tried getting into the fragrance discussion with friends of mine, but no such luck. Some wear them, others stick to Axe...but either way, I just cannot discuss what I want and how I want with them.

    Oh, forgot...Happy 2nd brithday on Basenotes
    Updated 28th December 2009 at 07:41 PM by Surfacing
  20. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Hey, Rawk, congratulations. You've found out what you like. You have a good knowledge of what's available. And you've helped part of the world around you smell better. If there were some sort of BN Merit Badge for Service to the Community, you should qualify.
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