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Cologne Chronicles

Simple simplicity. Just reviewing easy to find and easily accessible colognes that won't break the bank. Also chronicling scented adventures at the point of view from a normal dude in his mid 20's.

  1. Fragrances & Compliments

    by , 2nd February 2011 at 11:04 PM (Cologne Chronicles)
    (cross posted from my tumblr account)

    Buying fragrances for compliments became completely pointless to me. I just buy or wear things because I like the way they smell on me. Although, I’m not going to wear YSL Kouros and offend people with it (it’s strong and it smells like a clean bathroom stall). When I first started with this hobby back in late 2007, I was bummed that I couldn’t get someone to say I smelled good no matter how hard I tried. That’s the point. “how hard I tried”. ...
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  2. "I really like you...but I don't think this is going to work out."

    There were a few threads talking about what was the first fragrance you've ever fallen in love with and what have you. Or threads about holy grails that I've read in the past. Spray brought up something interesting about how he's never had a fragrance "wow" him and 99.9% of the stuff he's smelled was just "nice." I totally felt this way for a long time. What I'm about to say will probably get me hanged around here or something. LOL.

    Nothing has wowed me. At least ...
  3. Versus

    No, I'm not talking about that long forgotten Versace line. I'm talking about the abundance of "vs." threads. I've seen more and more of these posted lately where similar fragrances are pitted against each other in an olfactory death match. Cool Water vs. Green Irish Tweed, A*Men vs. Pure Coffee vs. Pure Malt, Iron Man vs. War Machine. Okay, the last one is a topic on two similar Marvel Comics super heroes, you get the point. Not to mention numerous polled threads on two fragrance that ...
  4. My March Madness 2010 Tournament of Champions: The New Signature Scent

    by , 17th February 2010 at 11:23 PM (Cologne Chronicles)
    The history of my signature scent, the one I wear the most and what people around me associated it with ever since I started wearing cologne on a regular basis.

    1998-2001: Armani Acqua Di Gio - I hate to be the guy that says, "I was into Lady Gaga when she was still Stefani Germanotta." It kinda was that sort of thing the first 2 years I wore it in high school and 1st year of art school, I suppose. I still think it's a solid fragrance, otherwise it would have been phased ...

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  5. Chinese New Year Is Upon Us A Week From Now

    by , 8th February 2010 at 08:24 AM (Cologne Chronicles)
    Why did I bring up this 2 week celebration? Well, I just remembered something, while the number "7" is good luck in western culture, it is also a lucky number in eastern culture. HOWEVER, the number 8 is even more popular with us Chinese people. In our language, the number is also a homonym for "wealth". Often certain numbers are superstitious in our culture. For example, my mom would never order anything in 4's at a restaurant. "Four" is bad luck because it'ss a homonym ...

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