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  1. JaimeB's Avatar
    Did you ever make that Pour un Homme cocktail? I'd love to know how it turned out if you did...
  2. carmencanada's Avatar
    Well, no offense taken on this side... ;-)
  3. kopah's Avatar
    Geez, what was wrong with me when I wrote this entry? Sorry for the insinuation, carmencanada. I'm far too easily-offended!
  4. carmencanada's Avatar
    Kopah, I wasn't being snippy, just correcting the information by giving the fragrance its definitive name. And I wasn't seizing on the news: I was reviewing the scent... "Boisé" makes sense within the context of the line which has a chypre, an oriental and a gourmand, all three, like "Boisé", the names of perfume families. Don't know why the legal department goofed up...
    Anyway, congrats on the sleuthing!
  5. kopah's Avatar
    True - right at the beginning of the linked entry, Helg refers back to her post of last August, in which she explicitly credits (and quotes) me. I don't think I had caught that when I posted this entry initially.
  6. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yes, I had caught that reference to your earlier finding when I was reading Helg's post after I got a sample of Boisé Torride. Good catch! I don't know if the blog entry on Perfume Shrine has changed or not, but at least when I saw it, I thought that it did give you adequate if not complete credit (I clearly saw that it was your scoop, and a pretty impressive one at that, IMO).

    Interesting that the same technique is not working for Tonka Impériale. If it's what I think we both suspect, then it would not be the first time that legal submissions have changed in response to how and by whom they are being reviewed!

    I do have to say that I like the scent. I don't think it's my favorite Guerlain by any means, but it's a decent scent, and very memorable among gourmands. But I'm definitely with you on looking forward to a new tonka scent!
  7. Grunts67's Avatar
    I just come back from Ogilvy and Vasco cigar. It was my first excursion into the world of perfume.

    First, let's talk about Ogilvy. the majority of the SA are snobby. The fact that I am young (25) and that I was dress rally casaul (polo, short and skate shoes) didn't help my cause.
    The SA of Gucci was a old lady. She was ok with me but didn't provide me with a good service. As soon as a another customer arrived, she just ignored me. She toldme she didn't have any sample.

    The SA of Chanel, Hermès and Bvlgari, was snobby. She didn't had any sample. When I found out that tester of Bvlgari aqua was empty, I asked they had another tester and she reply to me that she will not open up another bottle for me. Guest out, I am never gonna spend my money in your shop.

    The Sa of Channel was correct. She let me sniff some of the male fragrance. Again, no sample. She told me she didn't have any since father day and she will have a restock in the beginning of september which seem like BS.

    The SA of Guerlain was the best experience of the day. She was a lady in the forty. At first she was a little hesistant but as soon as I sniffed some of her perfume and commented it, she begin to be more interessed in me. She was pretty surprise with my comments on her fragrances (seem I hit a lot of notes on what she let me sniff) and show me there whole selection for men. She let me read after a card with all the perfumes, how they are made and there notes. She even complimented me for my abilitie to distinguish the different note. She was even more surprise when I told her, that I was new at this. Finally, she gave me a sample of Guerlain pour Homme because that was the only one she had left and gave me the adress of the Guerlain Institute and told me to go there for sample and to try rare Guerlain selection. I really pleasant experience.

    Vaso cigar was a correct service but they have no sample. You really need to know the fragrance before buying it there.
  8. analavande's Avatar
    Thank you for an insightful review of Les Elixirs Charnels series. I am a 'Guerlain gal' but, I have only sampled Gourmand Coquin. Your descriptions of Chypre Fatal
    After about 4 hours the peach has mostly faded away and it becomes much more obviously a chypre, with rose, à la Rose Barbare; also, the patchouli and vanilla start to peek out.
    and Oriental Brulant
    In its sweet softness it also smells reminiscent of the discontinued Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours.
    have persuaded me to sample those as well. Despite the cost, I think they are worth having in my collection...eventually.
  9. street_a_licious's Avatar
    no, it's out in Hermes boutiques already. i tried it today. it smells like banana to me lol.
  10. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yes - me too - this could be a very interesting one. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to hearing your impressions of it, since you'll almost certainly get a sniff before I do!
  11. davidhunternyc's Avatar
    I bought this cologne after reading the following review last year. A perfect cologne? Yes. For $60? Most definitely. Price no object, it truely is intoxicating and a masterpiece. Strike a match and light a waxed saddle on fire, throw in a tumble weed, some eucalyptus, cedar, sandalwood, and what the hell, add a gallon of gasoline and get drunk on the smoke and a Single Malt Scotch. By the time you pass out, you'll find yourself inside of a Byzantine Mosque. Believe me.

    New York Times Magazine, Holiday 2007 issue
    by the New York Times' Perfume Critic- Chandler Burr

    I must admit, with some unease, my initial obtuseness toward Comme des Garçons 2 Man, one of the 10 greatest works of perfumery art in the world. The perfumer Mark Buxton built the upper decks of this sleekest of vessels out of C11 ISO, a synthetic molecule that smells of clean pressed fire, if you can imagine such a thing; the pine-scented synthetic C12 MNA; and a high-quality natural Haitian vetiver that smells like dust on jungle trees. But the hull is frankincense from Oman, an incense cool as cream, warm as onion-skin stationery, glossy and slick as a traffic light in the rain. This technically flawless perfume (it diffuses like radium) smells more beautiful than one can say, like a perfect chord in an empty echo chamber. Herodotus warned that frankincense was dangerous to harvest because poisonous snakes lived in the Arabian trees that contained it, and I do believe my first reaction to 2 Man was, in part, fear. This perfume is not just extraordinary. It is perfect.
    Updated 29th November 2008 at 06:43 AM by davidhunternyc
  12. kopah's Avatar
    Troll-feeding time is over. Congratulations, you've been blocked!
    Updated 23rd November 2008 at 11:20 PM by kopah
  13. everso's Avatar
    fancy word trickery can't rescue a [B]FAIL!

  14. kopah's Avatar
    I can see where my terminological imprecision would have led you astray. I'm not really on a quest for the perfect leather, but for my perfect leather. I certainly wouldn't dare to make some kind of categorical statement about which leather scent is objectively THE finest one known to man. If I did that, I would be either (a) assuming I was somehow qualified to make such a determination, or (b) confusing my own personal opinion about which leather I like best with unbiased, incontrovertible truth, about which reasonable people could not possibly disagree. The first error betrays utter arrogance, the second utter ignorance. Neither quality is one that I'd like to be known for.
  15. everso's Avatar
    your 'quest for perfect leather' has totally failed, in my opinion----by your dismissal of the finest leather scent known to man.

    all credibility is lost. bye bye.
  16. Aiona's Avatar
    I agree! It was a long hard week, and it was nice to come home to a package that I had forgotten was coming to me!
  17. JaimeB's Avatar
    Personally, I lean toward Gourmand Coquin, too. I bought Chypre Fatal, and ended up a little disappointed in it. Oriental Brûlant is a little thin, too. On the whole, this series is a little too minimalist for my taste, but it's not bad, either, especially if your taste runs in a more modern vein...
    Updated 21st November 2008 at 05:09 AM by JaimeB
  18. kopah's Avatar
    Regrettably, I get much more green than floral - a pity, because I would probably like it much more otherwise.
  19. JaimeB's Avatar
    I wouldn't call Cuir Pleine Fleur "fresh." In fact, to me, it has a bit of a "B.O." note in the drydown. As for the "green" note in it, I would say that the florals in it are slightly green-tinged (the mimosa and violet), but that's the extent of the green in it on my skin. It is a rather floral suede-leather scent. The contrast between the florals and the soft leather in it is pretty subtle and really quite charming to me. Of course, it's all a matter of taste, isn't it? I just wanted to register a more positive take on Cuir Pleine Fleur...
    Updated 12th November 2008 at 05:08 AM by JaimeB
  20. Kerry Rose's Avatar
    This scent is astringent and slightly bitter. It used to be one of the many scents I wore from Bath & Body Works until I became so allergic to something in ALL of their perfume bases that I had to give away every single B&BW fragrance I owned to friends and family.
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