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  1. neo_angel's Avatar
    great idea to start this theme that it needs to Be discussed

    when we talk aBout summer fragrances, we have to take in consideration how hot the city you live gets when its summer/spring
    i started to get into this fragrance comunity through youtuBe reviewers, then i found Basenotes and other phorums.
    i've realized that most of reviewers that recommend or make a top 10 list summer/spring fragrances, they actually live in places where weather its very fresh at summer
    only thing, mayBe gets more sunny than fall/winter, But temperature doesnt go crazily high as it does in the city where i live

    here in my city , weather is 36c+, high humidity
    im not the type of person that sweats a lot, even with very intense workouts at the gym i don't sweat too much
    But heat here is such that i'd start to get a lil Bit sweaty if air conditioner is turned off

    these are a few fragrances that i've seen they are recommended a lot for summer:
    -acqua di gio (popular as hell, everywhere i go im breathing it, it doesn't really work at high heat, it has certain sweatness and actually certain "sticky" quality, i dont know how to descriBe it, But it gets unconfortaBle)
    -issey miyaki (there it is a time Back in the days Before getting into fragrances that i really loved this fragrance, But now im not feeling it, it is very synthetic and thick, its not really suitaBle for hot weather,works much Better at cold weather)
    -allure homme sports (this one is good, it is really potent and fresh, opening is off putting thou' and people will think you have acqua di gio on, so im not really sure of spending the g on this fragrance when people is going to smell you and think you are wearing adg)
    -versace - eau fraiche (this fragrance is very generic, i dont find it unique at all, it smells cheap to me, its fresh , But its not enuff unique and it doesnt have enuff quality to Be a part of my collection)
    -ysl - live jazz (Before i Blind Bought this fragrance i read a lot of positive reviews so i was hoping this one to Be a good one, But i wasn't really feeling it, i mean it smells good, opening is very nice, lemony, fresh and get sweeter as it dries down it is reminiscent of tooth paste, But its just so close to the skin that no matter if i pour the whole Bottle on me, even applying on clothes, people wont smell me and most important i can't smell me!!, same thing happen with chanel pour monsieur and eau savage, so im trying to sell this now)
    -platinum egoiste and dior homme sports (i dont find nothing special on this fragrances except for the name of the Brand, Both are citric, they are close to the skin, they last But doesn't project, have to Bury the nose to the skin just to realize they there and they not dead, But it seems like they dying and aBout to leave your skin at any second, to me they are like very overpriced versions of nautica - competions, not even as the original version which i used to own and it was very good, But the reformulated relaunched crap in the yellow Bottle )
    -creed - millesime imperial (sean joh - unforgivaBle smells Better, mayBe the one i tried it was a Bad Batch, Bcus i didnt get no watermelon, i just got the saltyness through all the life of the scent)
    and some other i don't rememBer

    so what im looking for in a fragrance for summer it is
    1. i agree with you, it gotta capture the spirit of summer, and also it has to have a fresh aroma, fresh forest like, fresh herBs, i used to always pass on soapy scents, But now after trying a lot of stuff searching for the most suitaBle scent for high heat, i've come to love them, fresh and clean are some qualities a fragrance has to have when temperature and humidity is high and every other odor are intensified Bcus of it, seriously, this fall the gym doesnt smell as it used to smell Back in summer.
    2.projection gotta Be aBove average, you are right on that, and let me add that it actually has to Be pretty potent stuff to survive the sweat, not every fragrance gets improved with it, sweat kill a lot of fragrances, there are just a few ones that gets their projection/sillage/longevity increased with high humidity/temperature/perspiration
    3.price, yeah, its very hard find, try or Buy niches here, so if im spending the g it has to have awsome scent, sillage and longevity
    4.uniqueness, of course, noBody here wants to smell like an average joe wearing 360 red,nautica-Blue,d&g - light Blue, hugo Boss as everyBody else does

    *dolce&gaBanna - pour homme (this came as unexpected for me, after dolce&gaBanna-light Blue ph's disapointment i automaticly disqualified dolce&gaBana fragrances, But this one d&g - ph is awsome, works wonderfully Believe me , even when it has certain sweetness, it is very clean and fresh)
    *acqua di parma - colonia essenza (awsome, i love this one, it is very foresty like, i can't help But think of an afternoon at a forest, aBout 6-7pm when its not night yet, is still sunny, shadows of the threes fill the whole place and keep the sun from Burning your Back, so the forest is fresh and you can smell the green leaves and herBs really alive. this fragrance it is not as simple as it seems to Be, yeah it is soapy, But especial, deep, classy, fresh, its incrediBle i love it, i just wish it had Better longevity)
    *virgin island waters (of course , used a lot of juice last summer)
    *hermes - un jardin sur le nil (fruity, green , fresh , deep, complex, a jean claude ellena composition, longevity is good on me 8hours , and projects well, uniquenes? you will Be the only person wearing this)
    *terre d' hermes pp and edt (we all know this)
    *chanell - allure edition Blance (citrusy, creamy, sweet, fresh, last a long time, a Better choice than ahs imo)
    *prada - amBer (soapy, clean, a lil sweeat, awsome longevity and projection)
    *guy laroche - drakkar noir (soapy, very fresh, clean , great projection and longevity, smell very nice, its not too popular now)
    *guerlain - homme (this is not a casual scents, people here try this as the guerlain's summer fragrance to increase sells, so it is kind of invalidated as a worthy fragrance, But this one is a good one, longevity is not monster and sillage is close to the skin, and on the real this fragrances works awsome as a work scent, suit and tie, fresh, clean, classy, even especial ocassion , and for its citrusy quality , great for summer)
    *dior dunne (it is pretty short lived, sillage is Below average, But it smells really good, smells like the Beach, it is unique and not too popular you won't see too much people rocking this)
    *yves saint laurent - jazz (i've heard its reformulated, But i still have the vintage version since aBout 4-5 years ago, smell awsome, citrusy-leathery-smoky-woody, for real, this has to Be the most underated fragrance, it works good for summer it doesn't get cloying even tho its dence)
    *cartier declaration essence (seriously i dont get B.O. in here)
    *versace - pour homme (i prefer this over allure homme sport, it is fresher less sweat version, works Better in high heat)
    *creed - silver montain water (short lived , But the smell of it is wow!, and also suitaBle for high heat, checked, By myself)
    *creed - original vetiver (i haven't tried mugler cologne, But ov its very good i like it, and i also think it very good for fall and winter, i find it very dark and dense)
    *lacoste - essentials (you really need to have this, it is leafy, green, kind of sweet BuBBlegummy, clean , smells really really similar to herBal essence shampoo, this is a totally casual /gym scent, But it smells so good, even tho longevity and projection on my skin is low, just cant miss this one)
    *calvin klein - eternity (sweet , soapy, fresh, clean , projects and last well, Best of calvin's klein house imo, shock is also good But it is for winter)
    *swiss army classic (really popular, But it just works really good summer, just cannot miss this one either, theres a lot of pseudo-summer scent, and just a few are really summer scents when 75% of the year is hot,,you just gotta have ALL the good ones)

    d&g - the one and sean john - unforgivaBle for summer nights

    thats an amazing collecion for the summer
    also these are ones i haven't tried But have heard and read a lot of good things
    and i have good hopes on them:
    ysl - ph haute concentration
    atelier - orange sanguine
    tom ford - neroli portofino
  2. neo_angel's Avatar
    i agree, dirty english is a worthy acquisition for any collection
    i was still very new into fragrances when i Blind Bought it as a recommendation from a friend.
    when i first spray it i immediatly thought i made a Big mistake, it was completely different of everything i used to wear (mostly acquatic, fruity, fresh fragrances, mayBe a few fougeres and thats all), to me it smelled like dry cinnamon and incense.
    it definitely grew on me, i thought that was going to Be one of those scents that i only wear for me, But surprisingly several times received compliments from the opposite sex telling me how nice i smell.
    and yeah it is totally suitaBle for summer, i can 100% support you on that
    i live where the heat gets 36c + , with high humidity
    and this one doesn't get cloying. it smells nice and instead of dying on the skin Bcus the sweat,
    high heat and humidity helps dirty english to increase sillage and improve projection and longevity, also when it totally dries down and there's just vetiver left its very nice.
    i've done a lot of testing during last summer, in search of the most suitaBle fragrances for high heat and humidity, Bcus 75% of the year is hot here, and i already have a lot of stuff for the winter... so i did my homework and i can assure you that dirty english works great for hot days
    there's a lot of hyped up fragrances which are supposed to work good for the summer, But they really don't...
    mayBe certain woody fragrances are suitaBle for summer, i am going to try more of them
    once i tried rocky montain wood, i wasn't very impressed, But it was just a very tiny spray that tha sa applied on my wrist, i need to give it a good go
  3. river1's Avatar
    Thanks for a great review; I wore this today on a nice warm sunny day.
  4. weegee's Avatar
    Overlooked and underpromoted. Ah, well... more for the rest of us who appreciate it. "Pure MAN" in a bottle, but I guess Mugler has that nametag all sewn up.
  5. Zgb's Avatar
    Dirty English is my recent discovery. I love it, own it. Very nice blog btw.
  6. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Damn straight! I wore this one today just because you reminded me how great it is. Before I put it on, in one of my famous master bathroom vanity experiments, my wife picked it blind over a recent $180 high-end designer offering - without hesitation. Not sure what that says about my purchasing wisdom...
  7. bluesoul's Avatar
    Thank you all for the comments and kind words. Maybe it's now me and a few friends versus the world.
  8. 's Avatar
    This blog instigated me to buy a 50ml of this today. I'm not mad, but my paypal hates you for it.:rolleyes:
  9. auee's Avatar
    This is one of my favorite recently released fragrances and it is a great one. Let us hope that it stays in production with its current formula for a long, long time. I also enjoy wearing Gucci Pour Homme and thank you for the information about the different types of cedar, which I am coming to believe is one of my favorite notes.
  10. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    Great review! It's interesting how many people can't seem to get past a name or a brand's image/marketing and end up missing out on a great fragrance.
  11. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Good to see you back, bluesoul. Absolutely agreed about Dirty English. That one has really grown on me. I remember buying a more summery scent in San Antonio during the heat of the summer, and looking at an ad for Dirty English as we were waiting for the bus, and OH how I wanted to go back in that cool store and buy a bottle. If I would have known how well it works in summer, I would have done it. You're right - it doesn't get cloying and nuclear, even though you would think it might. Great longevity nonetheless. And while I see merit in both Fuel for Life and HypnŰse, I agree completely that Dirty English is not just underrated, but superior to many scents that get more love. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is one of those designer scents that people will look back on with serious respect.

    My only complaint? The deodorant stick smells nice, but mechanically it's a piece of crap. I'm going to have to dig the goop out with a knife and apply it with my fingers. Not a happy camper on that one.
  12. foetidus's Avatar
    I learned from and enjoyed your discussion of cedar and I certainly agree with you about Dirty English. It's a radical departure from the typical designer norm, an excellent fragrance, and highly underrated.
  13. 's Avatar
    I agree with you on Dirty English. I have stated before that this was one of the rare current releases that was worth anything.

    Nice post.
  14. 's Avatar
    Patchouli is my favorite scent and I find really enjoy cedar as well. For me the two together are just brilliant. My grandmother has a ceder trunk that she keeps her cashmere in wrapped in patchouli leaves. When the trunk is opened it is just heaven for me. I agree Dirty English is a gem that many are overlooking. Nice review.
  15. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    I completely agree! The bottle is what initially drew me to the scent but today I received my sample and just wow. I'm pretty new at fragrances and whatnot but this one is just so different from what I've smelled. Although it isn't TOO out there and can be appreciated by pretty much anyone. I have the feeling I'm going to buy it and hopefully will work well in the Fall.
  16. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    It's nice to see somebody admitting to loving this one publicly. I have always been middle-of-the-road on A*Men, but I'm coming around on it now. I really like the Pure Coffee flanker, and that one is actually helping me to "get" A*Men. I do like the women's scent, and wished for a long time that my wife would start to appreciate it. And then, as samples with my Pure Coffee, I got the Violet, Lilly, and Peony flankers of Angel. My wife REALLY likes those. So both of us are coming around on Angel.

    Thanks for the very thought-provoking review.
  17. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I agree completely about Mugler Cologne, Virgin Island Water, and Burberry Summer. I think those would be great summer scents. They have that fresh, aquatic, cool and clear thing that just makes me want to pour them on. In fact, I think I may finally get that bottle of VIW I keep putting off. We'll see. It also has that tropical drink & suntan lotion vibe that is just so great when it gets hot. Mmmmmm!

    For me, Hinoki is more of a fall scent, but that's just because I associate its woody aspects with autumn. Personally, I think it's great all year long, but for me it just brings thoughts of falling leaves.

    I'm still waiting to try that sample of BBW Mountain Frost - we'll just have to see. First things first, like the classics... (forever grateful over Havana!)

    Another two summer scents I enjoyed last summer were (less so) Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer Limited Edition (kind of like this year's model) and (more so) Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Summer Pour Homme (Sephora's web page here). I think that both of these fall into the same general class that you're recommending, along with VIW, MC, and the Burberry scent. If I don't get VIW, I would be getting the Issey Miyake scent. It's like the regular one, but cooler and mintier. Just wonderful, and my wife loved it, too.

    Yup, summer's here! The green late spring of Guerlain Homme needs to give way to something that's beach-ready! Thanks for putting me in the mood!
  18. SirSlarty's Avatar
    Hi there
  19. mikeperez23's Avatar
    Congrat's to both of you.

    Isn't being in love, like the greatest!?
  20. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I'm really happy for you two! I'll admit that it was a lot of fun to get those little hints during the early days. But it's also nice that it's out in the open now.

    I think it's wonderful that you have at least one shared passion (besides each other!) I know that I do enjoy being married to somebody who also appreciates perfume, even if not quite as much as me. I think it's really important that a couple has at least one shared love, be it fishing, fine art, fragrance, or even fast food!

    Best wishes and congratulations!
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