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  1. What Fragrance Cometh?

    Good Morning!

    I'll make this my shortest blog post ever - and also the longest.

    I was so moved by the beauty and emotional outpouring of my fellow Basenoters who submitted perfume briefs - and so wanting to honor and praise every one of them - that I joined them together into a poem by which I can always remember them. It was too big to put here (twice Grant's limit), so I had to put it on my other blog.

    I refer to every brief, although ...
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  2. A Redneck By Any Other Name

    If maintaining redneck status were as simple as listening to country stations, I suppose we would all be rednecks. And though, in a sense, we are - considering that we all have our privately provincial moments in whatever cultures we happen to belong to - there are degrees. It's one thing to spend time in the French countryside. It's another thing to live there, walk home dead drunk, and sleep it off while the dog barks and the wife yells. There are - clearly - cultural invariants which I still ...

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  3. Dear Acqua di Giò

    Dear Acqua di Giò

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    Dear Acqua,

    I know that we haven't talked in a long time. I wasn't sure I'd ever write to you again. I probably wouldn't have written, except that I ran into somebody yesterday who says he's seeing you now. I was really happy to hear that. He seems like a really good guy. I think you deserve that. So anyway, I thought I needed to say some things I'd been meaning to say.

    After we ...

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  4. Humanity's Next Big Mistake

    I suppose that I should have entitled this something else, but then again, I probably should have posted it under my scientific identity. Although my science blog is also written under a pseudonym, it is more likely to be read by other scientists. However, the ridiculous state of our species is surely reflected by the fact that I'm better off posting about the abuse of science on a board which is primarily read by men who care too much about perfume. At least here, my words are guaranteed to be ...
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  5. Learning To Love Guerlain Homme

    Learning To Love Guerlain Homme

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    It took me many years to learn to love good wine. My first encounter with wine involved some stolen cold duck. Technically it wasn't stolen, since my high school buddy simply gathered up all the leftovers from a catered party, including a pair of full bottles. It took many years, and a few more ...
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