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Red's Lumberyard

Redneck Perfumisto, a.k.a. Red or RP, is a certified woodaholic who was born in Kansas and never quite left. The Lumberyard, located in a small town with one stoplight and memories of a train station, brings together a group of strange characters who share Red's passion for all things fragrant. Sharing as well the internet connection in the lumberyard laboratory, you never know who's going to post something. At least, that's Red's excuse whenever law enforcement stops by for coffee and explanations.

  1. The Child Within: Armani Privé Bois d'Encens

    The Child Within: Armani Privé Bois d'Encens

    Bois d'Encens, a woody incense
    fragrance from the Armani Privé line

    One of the things I love about fragrance is how, when we finally admit to ourselves that it's OK to like something simply because it smells good, we become like children. Some people might call it silly or stupid, but I think of it as a sort ...
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  2. Fragfest at Tiffany's

    It seems illogical that a Kansas redneck with a rusty truck would have a soft spot for Tiffany and Co. Heck - it even took me some time to figure it out. It's simple, actually. It's the lure of the big city - in this case, Kansas City.

    As a young pup in the early '60's, my dearly departed parents dragged me along many times while shopping in downtown KC. Like a ...
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  3. Pokémon EDT - Gotta Sniff 'em All!

    Sometimes we have to try something a little bit different to keep our edge. It's easy to fall into a rut. So when either a Sniff-'n'-Speak (SnS) or a Scent Synchronization Day (SSD) come around, I usually seize upon the opportunity to try something that I might not wear otherwise. Today was "Scared To Admit I'm Wearing It" SSD, and let me tell you - I'm scared to admit I'm wearing it. Well, maybe in real life, but not among fragrance friends. So keeping mum about my scent with everybody ...
  4. Axe "Proximity" Bergamot - A Review


    assuming a permanent place in my wardrobe


    Who was it who said "Hope springs eternal?" Well, it was somebody. I guess that's close enough. And in that spirit, let us take a small detour from fine fragrance into something that's.... close.

    Being the proud and ...
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  5. What's So New About Givenchy Pi Neo?

    You might as well admit it. You have a guilty pleasure. Maybe it's the Big Mac. Maybe it's the Whopper. If you're a vegetarian, maybe it's those straight-to-the-hips seasoned fries. It's something you're not proud of liking, and it's probably mass-market stuff.

    Well, my guilty pleasure is a designer fragrance - Givenchy Pi Neo.

    What? Why on Earth would I feel ...
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