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Red's Lumberyard

Redneck Perfumisto, a.k.a. Red or RP, is a certified woodaholic who was born in Kansas and never quite left. The Lumberyard, located in a small town with one stoplight and memories of a train station, brings together a group of strange characters who share Red's passion for all things fragrant. Sharing as well the internet connection in the lumberyard laboratory, you never know who's going to post something. At least, that's Red's excuse whenever law enforcement stops by for coffee and explanations.

  1. Five Rounds Of .38 Morris Wildcats

    Recently, Neil Morris Fragrances posted an offer on Basenotes for 15% off on major frag bottles, through mid-August. Based on both glowing and sketchy reviews, I decided to order 5 samples and see how they fared on paper and skin. My samples arrived - nice spray jobs that look to be about .38 caliber, and long enough to be classified as some kind of wildcat magnum. After smelling them, I would say that's about right. Powerful and fun to shoot, but never a sure bet for mass commercialization. ...

    Updated 20th July 2008 at 07:16 AM by Redneck Perfumisto

  2. Terre Incognito (Part Two)

    This is a continuation of a report on an effort to clone Terre d'Hermès in the "Clueless Perfumery" section of the Notes Identification Project. See the corresponding Part One blog entry for details. We continue with our story...grungy suspect "Terry D. Hermies" (name on license: Terre d'Hermès) is being grilled by the Fragrance Cops...

    "Hey - what's she talkin' about?"

    "Nothing. We just ran a couple of tests on the interior of ...

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  3. Terre Incognito (Part One)

    If you've been visiting over on the ladies' board, you may be aware of a thread called the Note Identification Project. A group of us Basenoters purchased a variety of natural and synthetic components used in fine fragrances. We've been using them to learn how to identify the notes in perfumes. We're also mixing them up in all kinds of combinations, hoping to learn how our notes combine to give accords and full fragrances. The latter effort, entitled the "Clueless Perfumery", has been ...

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