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Redneck Perfumisto, a.k.a. Red or RP, is a certified woodaholic who was born in Kansas and never quite left. The Lumberyard, located in a small town with one stoplight and memories of a train station, brings together a group of strange characters who share Red's passion for all things fragrant. Sharing as well the internet connection in the lumberyard laboratory, you never know who's going to post something. At least, that's Red's excuse whenever law enforcement stops by for coffee and explanations.

  1. I Bathed in Bleu de Chanel!

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    Truly, my friends, there is nothing that I will not do in pursuit of the beauty of fragrance. As proof of this fact, I offer you yesterday's glorious adventure in fragrance appreciation, if not also a misadventure in fragrance application.


    Having sampled Bleu de Chanel in stores - about a dozen times or so - I had been left in the curious state of finding the fragrance enjoyable, yet maddeningly inscrutable. ...

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