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  1. Revisiting “Unusual” Sunday Scents

    Back in early 2008, I posted about the fact that I had fallen into the habit of wearing some pretty “unusual” scents to choir practice and church on Sundays. For some context on what I'm about to post now, you can read that post here.

    Recently, someone who has environmental illness has joined the choir I sing with. Out of respect for this person’s request, I have refrained from using any fragrance on Sundays. This was a sad decision for me, but I wanted to be generous to a person
  2. Now Things Get Serious

    In my last post, I indulged myself in a little harmless fun; at least that's what I said. In truth, there was a subtext to my borrowing the Occupy Wall Street metaphor and dressing it up in the issues of perfumista frustration in our own love-hate relationship with the purveyors of our favorite stuff.

    The best way to put this is perhaps to say that in many aspects of our life, so many of which are affected by commercial interests, we encounter more and more frustration in a sense

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  3. Occupy Perfume Counters (Occupy PC, or OPC)

    [Please do not take the initial premise (in the title of this post) seriously. I am just trying to dramatize a situation and make a point.]

    Some radical perfumistas are occupying perfume counters across the country, and even the world, because they are frustrated by the trends they see in the perfume industry leading to downgrading the quality of fragrances and pricing their products beyond the reach of “the 99 percent.”

    In the meantime, many in the media are pointing

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  4. A Response to a Question about Top, Middle, and Base Notes

    The question:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fadi007 View Post
    [Are] there some notes that are restricted to one level in the three levels of a fragrance?

    i mean, for example, can we have musk, patchouli , sandalwood , clove... on top notes?

    or can we have lime , lavender , cinnamon , sage... in the base notes ?

    or [are] there some notes that are physically impossible to put in top or base ?
    My reply:

    Hermès Eau des Merveilles was supposed to have

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  5. The Four Worst Factors in Fragrance Today, Part I

    by , 26th September 2011 at 12:45 AM (Jaime B's Blog)
    In thinking about what is having the worst effect of the fragrance industry today, I was hard pressed to find a single factor that explains all the problems surrounding quality, reformulation, and customer satisfaction. I think that to discuss matters fully, we need to look at four separate, but interrelated issues.

    1. Sourcing and cost of raw materials

    Over-harvesting of many perfume materials has provoked a situation in which many are at a point of near-extinction. In

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