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  1. Bijal's Avatar
    Hi Jaime, excellent info, although if you could help me. I am trying to use oakmoss essential oil to make perfumes and due to its viscosity its very difficult to handle also volume calculation is inaccurate, can i dilute the thick essential oil with a 75 proof vodka and later use it in its less viscous state. Will i have to readjust my note volume ratios as it will be little dilute?
  2. AlshareefOudh's Avatar
    very nice post Jaime
  3. Aromahead's Avatar
    Yes, it is a small world indeed!
    By the way, huge frag collection JaimeB !!!!
  4. Balthazar's Avatar
    nice read
  5. Oviatt's Avatar
    It is a VERY small world..... Great blog post!
  6. Primrose's Avatar
    Glad to see you still posting, Jaime. I miss your erudite comments in the main boards.
  7. Orgoglio italianO's Avatar
    Kool Blog post :-)
  8. Orgoglio italianO's Avatar
  9. socalwoman's Avatar
    Thank you for this delightful read!
  10. prosperonline's Avatar
    Well, thanks, indeed, that's very educating. I had a feeling somehow it would relate to wine just as now, or after the nespresso machines, some wine terminology is being used refering to coffee as well. Just a question, by any chance, do you think Creed would make a mistake writing its own address on a bottle? Thank you.
  11. kumquat's Avatar
    This person who shall henceforth be known as; Bubble Boy, is without a doubt a control freak. And I say it's 'War'! He (or she) has no right to object to such a faint odor unless it causes that person immediate respiratory distress. In that case, one wonders, as you say, how they can even get along in the real world anyway? I would ignore these complaints. You should complain of his breath.
  12. mimielle's Avatar
    This is very interesting, I am new to reading here (so much later in December 2013, haha!) and was wondering about this as well so I'm really glad you posted it for me to reach back and find.
  13. C0ldf1re's Avatar
    Very educational. I once came across a Judge as logical and merciless as Piso.
  14. Jeannemarie's Avatar

    First I'm looking at "the dresser-top collection," and then onto "the bookshelf collection." I am speechless! I am without speech.
  15. Jeannemarie's Avatar
    Absolutely LOVED this, lol!
  16. Aiona's Avatar
    I like ROtto's theory, but I suspect Orgoglio italianO's theory is probably the more likely.
  17. Orgoglio italianO's Avatar
    I think somebody is just being an ass... If you stopped wearing fragrance on Sunday and you smell frags on other people even after you stopped they still complain. I think it's just that person just being difficult for some reason. It was nice of you to even do that most people would have ignored it and said tough. It was nice of you :-)
    I just get the feeling this person has some kind of weird make it difficult for you syndrome for some reason. You did a good deed to please someone because of their problem (so called). I say tough Cannoli to that person. Their just being ridiculous
  18. ROtto's Avatar
    Have you ever seen Todd Haynes's movie "Safe"?

    Since there is a strong link between fragrance and memory, perhaps you once wore something the person couldn't stand, and now everytime that person sees you, they "smell" that fragrance.
  19. JaimeB's Avatar
    Fred 360,

    I wouldn't go out of my way to harm or unnecessarily provoke this person. What I might well do is continue to use my usual soaps and other personal care products and eliminate or drastically tone down the amount and style of scent I use to the point where it might just smell like soap, and perpetrate a pious fiction by saying I am using nothing at all. If what the others are using can’t be detected, then I should be safe doing this. I'm not out to punish this person, just to protect myself from an intrusion into my most personal choices and habits, within reason.

    By the way, I already use unscented deodorant and shaving products; my haircare stuff is routine, and only very lightly scented. The shower gel is use is the only moderately scented thing, and that mostly washes off my body...
    Updated 29th November 2011 at 10:39 PM by JaimeB
  20. ECaruthers's Avatar
    The choir director sets the rules for the choir. Many that I know about ban fragrances. Your choir or your choir director is more liberal than those. I hope the new person doesn't ruin it for everyone.
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