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The Fragrance Industry

Critiques and observations of the business of perfumery

  1. Shopping

    After a bit of a hiatus which I had to take to recover from minor surgery, I have started going back to the stores to look for stuff to sniff. Unfortunately, I haven't found much lately that truly inspires me.

    I have bought some pretty innocuous things, even thought they didn't really impress or satisfy me, and I wonder now if this business of searching for new scents and picking up a bottle here and there isn't just an exercise based on force of habit.

    Among some
  2. Nasomatto

    A reply of mine to a thread about the Nasomatto line:

    By the way, the perfumer's name is Alessandro Gualtieri. He doesn't reveal any of the ingredients in his perfumes. They are described as "aiming to embody" such notions as "strength in fragility" (China White), and so forth. He cultivates quite an air of mystery, if you ask me.

    Some of the names are quite engaging if you equate perfumes with drugs: Narcotic Venus, China White (the street name

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  3. The Fragrance Wheel and the Oriental Family of Scents

    The classification of fragrances is an art that has been practiced in different ways at different times. One of the most popular graphical representations of perfumery's main varieties is the one that Michael Edwards developed in 1983 for his first volume of Fragrances of the World. I reproduce it here for easy reference:

    [wikipedia "Fragrance Wheel"]

    It is possible to see

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  4. Scent as an Aphrodisiac... For Real?

    Someone just posted about an ad that sells a scented product with some visuals suggesting "Even angels will fall." A few bodies fall from the sky, turning out to be haloed women with pouty lips and scanty clothing. They all make a bee-line for an atmospheric Italian square where a handsome boy with sultry looks is about to get on his bike. The angels reach up and grab their halos, then dash them to pieces on the cobblestones, no doubt indicating a willingness to cast heaven aside for ...

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  5. The Fougère Tribe

    The release of the new Fougère Royale by Houbigant has inspired me to think again about the fougère genre of scents and their different incarnations and history over the years. Of course, the first of the tribe was the original Fougère Royale which Houbigant first made available in 1882. That's 128 years ago now, and in that time the genre has gained many new members and mutated a bit hither and thither.

    The very first Fougère Royale was innovative in two important ways: First, it was

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