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Philosophy of Fragrance

Ideas about the theory of scent, its social and cultural ramifications.

  1. On Pleasure and Its Detractors

    All the previous history of the universe has led to this moment. Considering how much struggle it's been to get here, I feel the least I can do is enjoy it. It's sometimes hard in the instant of experience to "breathe into" moments of pain, but in the end, I think I can probably agree with the old Edith Piaf song title "Non, je ne regrette rien!"

    I'm a great believer in enjoying the sensual pleasures of this world, along with the intellectual and spiritual

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    Philosophy of Fragrance , Personal Reflections
  2. Orientals: Typical Note Structures and Sub-Genres

    [Parts of this blog entry are color-coded to help readers identify its three main themes. I hope this system is more helpful than confusing.]

    In the history and development of the art and craft of perfumery, there has gradually emerged a rough system of classification of different styles and impressions among scents that we call "genres." The term "genre" in perfumery is roughly analogous to its usage in fine art and literature. And as with art and literature, some

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    Philosophy of Fragrance , The Art of Perfumery , Personal Reflections , Perfume History
  3. The Nature of Opinion and Scent Reviews

    One of the nicest things about Basenotes (among the many nice things) is being able to read other people's opinions on various topics, especially in reviews of individual scents that are on the market.

    Writing is not always an easy thing to do. For example, when I write anything for Basenotes, I find myself checking facts, searching for information, and then going through multiple re-writes before I post. Even after I post, I sometimes discover typos and other errors that I want to

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    Philosophy of Fragrance , Scent Reviews , Personal Reflections
  4. From a post to an Off-Topic thread on the Zodiac

    by , 24th September 2009 at 07:11 AM (Jaime B's Blog)
    I am a Libran with a Scorpio rising sign. In the Chinese Zodiac, I am a Fire Dog. Interestingly enough, I have read that Libra is the equivalent of the Dog sign in Chinese astrology.

    I think the Libra profile is pretty close to my personality: basically rational and optimistic, insisting on balance, and being thrown off when things are out of kilter. Also, I think I have some Scorpio traits as well, especailly that thing about sexual passion. (Ahem!) I read that in the Chinese Zodiac,

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    Philosophy of Fragrance , Personal Reflections
  5. Some thoughts related to a recent thread on unpopular opinions

    Some words on the sexism issue, which seems to have arisen in connection with this originally light-hearted thread:

    "Reverse" racism, sexism, etc., doesn't make sense in terms of the basis of this social dialogue because the conversation is about a power dynamic within our society. Men are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate against women than women are to discriminate against men. White folks are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate
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