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  1. Artisan Parfumeur - Tea for Two

    Reviewers rave about this being like drinking chai by a fire with ginger cake. On me it's nothing but jasmine and faint soap and it disappears after half an hour. Fail.

    In self-education terms, if there actually is jasmine in it then I know it will probably be turned up to 11 because my skin seems to do that to jasmine. It may also be the spice notes interacting badly with each other, it's one thing I tend to dislike about spices. Can't explain the near-instant fadeout at all though. ...
  2. Mancera - The Aoud

    Freshly on, WOW, what a rose. Syrupy and just a hint tannic. Gives me a mental image of a huge, blowsy, thousand-petalled damask rose in full bloom, saturating the air with fragrance on a hot still summer day. I can tell there's a whole structure of other, more bitter notes underneath it, but they're holding up the rose, not cutting through it. This is a glorious fragrance experience.

    For once I'm actually pleased when a hint of wood comes out to temper the sheer bombast of the opening. ...
  3. CK Euphoria Men

    Damn, and I so wanted to like this one.

    Just for a minute it went through a phase of smelling exactly like a gorgeous BPAL I sampled years ago, one of the Zorya fragrances I think, probably a spicy-floral; at that point I was completely convinced I needed a full bottle. An hour on it's drying down into yet another tedious For Men base blend; I'm on the point of washing off, but CK's restraint and the fact it's on the sweeter and more unisex end of masculine is saving it for me. It's ...

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  4. Tom Ford Oud Wood.

    Tom Ford Oud Wood:

    I love the opening of this, there's an incensey spiciness there that I could wear all day, but unfortunately it dries down all too quickly into a dry and astringent wood scent. I'm not surprised to see sandalwood is a major heart note as it's not one I love (and all too common in For Men perfumery). I really don't understand why smelling like A MAN has to mean smelling like somebody juiced a cleaning closet over a parquet floor. This is one of the least unpleasant ...
  5. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau Fraiche

    Now I have a love-hate relationship with spices - they can be way too powerful, bitter and acrid. I often find they're one of the things that repels me from classic "masculine" orientals. But Spicebomb Eau Fraiche is to spices what Fahrenheit 32 is to original Fahrenheit - it's spices for people who don't like spice.

    There's definitely still vanilla here, it smells almost gourmand to me, with the occasional whiff of oceanic freshness to cut it, and stays close in to my ...

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