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  1. Cheapskate notes

    Memo to self:

    Topman - Amber

    Not as good as their Parfum no. 16 was, but that seems to be impossible to get hold of now. Nevertheless for a cheapie this is surprisingly pleasant and is an amber which is restrained and awake enough to be daywear, something I don't think I've come across before. There's a foul-tempered, bitter orange note somewhere under the amber's sleepy haze that rescues this from being too cuddly and gives it a bit more edge - in any other scent I ...

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  2. Halloween samplers

    A few from Scentsamples' Halloween offering:

    Papillon - Anubis

    This I'm either going to love or hate. Awaiting test...

    Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan

    This is what I would like to smell like when I've just finished a workout. It's skin. Musky, *real*, sweaty skin. No uptight cleanliness and prurient scented toiletries here. It's that leather jacket he's worn for years, which has become a part of his body over time. It's the scent he leaves ...
  3. Anglia Perfumery - sample pack


    Fear Not
    Crown of Gold


    Yes, it's patchouli. No, I don't like it. Smells bizarrely headshop-ish. I suspect I'd be a bigger fan of patchouli used in a "darker" fragrance. And that I'm not a fan of patchouli as an in-yer-face note.

    Fear Not

    I think I need to get some spray vials for these. This started out as a lovely rich woody mix but ...

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  4. Artisan Parfumeur - Tea for Two

    Reviewers rave about this being like drinking chai by a fire with ginger cake. On me it's nothing but jasmine and faint soap and it disappears after half an hour. Fail.

    In self-education terms, if there actually is jasmine in it then I know it will probably be turned up to 11 because my skin seems to do that to jasmine. It may also be the spice notes interacting badly with each other, it's one thing I tend to dislike about spices. Can't explain the near-instant fadeout at all though. ...
  5. Mancera - The Aoud

    Freshly on, WOW, what a rose. Syrupy and just a hint tannic. Gives me a mental image of a huge, blowsy, thousand-petalled damask rose in full bloom, saturating the air with fragrance on a hot still summer day. I can tell there's a whole structure of other, more bitter notes underneath it, but they're holding up the rose, not cutting through it. This is a glorious fragrance experience.

    For once I'm actually pleased when a hint of wood comes out to temper the sheer bombast of the opening. ...
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