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  1. Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Vanille

    Intriguing. It's sort of like what I imagine a Mini Milk ice lolly would taste of once it had grown up and got dumped a few times. There's something smoky in there and a hint of saffron or sassafras or something similary acrid - which may be the citrus. It reminds me of a BPAL scent inspired by the cowboy character from Dracula, but where that drowned in root-beer horribleness this is surprisingly unisex and pleasingly stable. Other reviewers praise its complexity and blendedness - I'm finding it ...
  2. I ATE'NT DEAD, also some Tom Ford

    Tom Ford: Tuscan Leather

    Leather. Burnt pencil shavings. Coal. Hrm. This is not loving me, and nor indeed am I loving it in return. Veeeery dry and somehwat bitter. I don't get any raspberry at all. Big surprise really, I'm not a leather fan and also not big on trad-masculine scents, which I suspect is why this one has been waiting so long in the test queue.
  3. Scentsamples of the day

    L'Artisan Parfumeur: Mechant Loup

    Honestly, with a name like that how could I not try it?

    So there's definitely a note somewhere in this that I specifically don't like; it's right there in the opening, too, although it rapidly disappears under something much more gourmandy. I can't unfortunately identify it offhand, although looking at the description it's very likely to be the liquorice/aniseed. This is a hard to classify scent, I wouldn't call it typically masculine ...
  4. Genderbending: adventures with Scents I Used To Like, For Men

    Hmmmmm. So: Estee Lauder Pleasures. I loved this stuff back in the 90s; it has an assertive, in-your-face niceness about it that just says "I am absolutely not in the mood to be (a) a sex object or (b) in any way tolerant towards your bullshit today". It's the middle-class mum whose face the school receptionist dreads seeing, because she knows very well it won't go away until little Jack and Olivia have the school canteen completely rearranged to fulfil their gluten-free extra virgin olive ...
  5. Scentsamples continued

    Armani Prive - Ambre Soie

    Goes on lush, mellow and spicy; almost gourmand. Reminds me distinctly of BPAL's foody Christmas scents - I think the anise and patchouli are contributing to that. Lovely for its opening, certainly. Other reviewers complain about longevity but I'm pretty sure it'll beat out a perfume oil! Added to the wish list not for a full bottle but for a good-sized sample, this is definitely a comfort zone fragrance for me, and if comments about its subtle complexity ...
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