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  1. Serendipity!

    I often bemoan the outrageous middle-classness of the town I live in, and I laughed like a drain when I discovered what must be *the* poshest charity shop I've ever seen just down the road from me - 150 vintage lace wedding dress and a nice green woolen fedora for the point-to-point, anyone? - but having tripped over a sample-sized set of Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge for a fiver today, and seen a bottle of Acqua Allegoria Herba Fresca sitting in a cabinet (which I will be going back for tomorrow, ...
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  2. Philistine's Love Hate List

    A place to keep notes of which perfumery notes I like and dislike.


    Amber - this has to be my biggest love. If a fragrance has amber in it, it will have to work very hard to offend me.
    Orientals - no surprise there.
    Jasmine (though my skin tends to amplify it)
    Sweet orange (eg. Dune)
    White florals


    Bitter ...
  3. Dog at a fair day!

    Had a lovely afternoon lolloping round my local Boots sniffing everything the mainstream has to offer. They've got all their Christmas fragrances in, so it's celeb scent and designer flanker season like whoa. I originally went in to poke round after some of the Topman ones, which I remember liking when I found testers on the shop counter, but since they had precisely none of those, I ended up creating a small novel out of paper test strips instead

    Beyonce - Heat - raspberryade. ...
  4. BPAL of the day: Sugar Moon (2008 Limited Edition)

    BPAL's Moon scents are a tradition of theirs; inspired by the lunar focus of many pagan religious traditions, they have a base in a similar set of "lunar"-associated oils (which we're not told the contents of) but are tweaked to produce a new and different scent every full moon.

    Sugar Moon is often reviewed as boozy, sexual and yet also innocent - its Lab blurb is as follows:

    No way to see him
    on this moonless night ---
    I lie awake longing,
  5. BPAL of the day: Water Phoenix

    A sister scent to Earth Phoenix, reviewed previously in this blog.

    "Compassion, eloquence, introspection: Chinese musk and rain, with salty oceanic notes, frankincense, juniper berry, lily of the valley, lavender, cinquefoil, and sweet pea."

    I got disinfectant from the bottle, which is probably the lavender - first on it came up in a whoosh of "PERFUME!", and reminded me rather unpleasantly of a number of mens' scents I don't like. I'm starting to ...
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