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  1. Posh fragrance tested: Creed - Silver Mountain Water

    I absolutely must retest this when it isn't so absurdly hot. We're mid-heatwave here at the moment, and after a horrendous morning runing errands in the centre of town I've given up and declared chav mode - around the house at least, it's shirt or trousers but not both until the weather breaks.

    The reason I want to retest this fragrance is the first twenty minutes. It's delicious. I'm not a highly-trained nose, I can't pick out notes and tell you what it smells of, but I can tell you ...

    Updated 18th July 2014 at 02:21 PM by philistine

  2. BPAL of the day: Lines Written among the Euganean Hills

    This scent was a Yule 2008 limited edition and gets its inspiration, as well as its redolent moniker, from a poem by Shelley:

    Senseless is the breast and cold
    Which relenting love would fold;
    Bloodless are the veins and chill
    Which the pulse of pain did fill;
    Every little living nerve
    That from bitter words did swerve
    Round the tortur'd lips and brow,
    Are like sapless leaflets now
    Frozen upon December's bough.

  3. BPAL of the day: Earth Phoenix

    Earth Phoenix is one of BPAL's sixth anniversary range of phoenix-themed scents; I have another of them, Water Phoenix, which I'll also be reviewing on here soon. You're probably getting the idea by now that I had rather a phase of being a limited edition hunter with BPAL- for several years running I used to blow every penny of my Christmas money on a ridiculously large order with them (this was before US customs cracked down on marking items as gifts as a dodge to reduce recipients' customs charges, ...

    Updated 7th July 2014 at 12:46 AM by philistine

  4. Posh fragrances notes: YSL L'Homme Libre, L'Eau d'Issey Miyaki Pour Homme

    Homme Libre (only sniffed on paper, may retest on skin): A very polite sort of freedom. As one reviewer on the fragrance page suggested it's a holiday fragrance; no passionate emancipation here, just a nice week off from your smart-shirt job "dine in tine". Not by any means unpleasant but reads as very safe to me.

    (But then so do about 90% of mainstream mens' fragrances, really; this is the same problem I have with designer clothes, it's about branding. I'm not Yves Saint ...
  5. BPAL of the day: Nuclear Winter

    It's been a hot, sweaty, humid week here in East Anglia of which I've spent the majority exhausted and ill, and much as I've been questing for my signature sensual fragrance recently it's the weather to be breaking out something fresher. A few years back I managed to score a bottle of BPAL's eternally popular limited edition fragrance Nuclear Winter, in one of its occasional revivals to satisfy popular demand. Today I've broken it out to freshen my poor addled mind.

    Nuclear Winter ...
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