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  1. Re-examining Pleasures for Men

    Rereading the reviews, I agree with Darvant that it's unabashedly plastic and artificial. It gives me the same feel as some very dirt-cheap things my mother occasionally used to "treat" herself to, although past that nasty opening it's a far better quality offering. Something a little reminiscent of cleaning products, too. In terms of its tone as a fragrance it'd be daywear if I wanted to wear it, but I think I'd only want to wear it to places I wished I didn't have to be...
  2. Day trip sniffs

    Treated myself to a day out in town, sniffing all the delicious things I could find a card to test on

    Terre d'Hermes - OMFG. Heavyweight. A good reference scent for the sort of dry/spice/wood scent I *don't* enjoy. My scrawled comment on the test card was "!!"

    Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo - not unlike a lighter Terre d'Hermes. Rated a "??" on the test strip. I found it reminiscent of a lighter Terre d'Hermes, with an aquatic note ...
  3. Cheapskate notes

    Memo to self:

    Topman - Amber

    Not as good as their Parfum no. 16 was, but that seems to be impossible to get hold of now. Nevertheless for a cheapie this is surprisingly pleasant and is an amber which is restrained and awake enough to be daywear, something I don't think I've come across before. There's a foul-tempered, bitter orange note somewhere under the amber's sleepy haze that rescues this from being too cuddly and gives it a bit more edge - in any other scent I ...

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  4. Halloween samplers

    A few from Scentsamples' Halloween offering:

    Papillon - Anubis

    This I'm either going to love or hate. Awaiting test...

    Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan

    This is what I would like to smell like when I've just finished a workout. It's skin. Musky, *real*, sweaty skin. No uptight cleanliness and prurient scented toiletries here. It's that leather jacket he's worn for years, which has become a part of his body over time. It's the scent he leaves ...
  5. Anglia Perfumery - sample pack


    Fear Not
    Crown of Gold


    Yes, it's patchouli. No, I don't like it. Smells bizarrely headshop-ish. I suspect I'd be a bigger fan of patchouli used in a "darker" fragrance. And that I'm not a fan of patchouli as an in-yer-face note.

    Fear Not

    I think I need to get some spray vials for these. This started out as a lovely rich woody mix but ...

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