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  1. Cheapskate summer sniffs

    Attempting to improve my broke-as-hell summer with tests of a few of the sub-20 summer fragrances currently around in high street fashion stores.


    Teahupoo This was my pick to buy. I was looking for something with a breezy and fresh feel, and was rather surprised to be so taken by a fragrance with (on me) a really strong floral in the head notes. (Neroli, suggests one Fragrantica reviewer.) However it has a gorgeous sea-salt midstage which completely captures ...
  2. Keepers (and chucker-outers)

    Some notes about fragrances that have made it onto my full bottle list, and why they did so.

    Fahrenheit 32 - I tend to buy small samples of fragrances, and since I don't wear fragrance every single day it's actualy very rare that I get to the end of one. 32, however, proved to be a perfect scent for nights out dancing; it's pleasant but not overly loud, and remains enjoyable throughout its development. It also lasts well even when I'm very warm, which when you're spending an evening ...

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  3. Not-on-Basenotes notes

    Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer

    Dusty floral and a hint of dark fruit - plum, I think? Very modern. Starts out with a dose of some ultra-trendy 80s-esque top note that I don't like but this pretty quickly vanishes to leave a relatively sweet mid. 3*
  4. On genderf*cking with fragrance

    Miss Dior

    On paper this is a scent I adore and which has days of longevity - I was still getting wafts of my test strip nearly a week after I sprayed it. But on me, it seems to have trouble battling through my skin chemistry. Same thing happened to Chanel Chance and Chance Eau Fraiche, which disappeared in short order. I begin to wonder whether florals fundamentally don't play well with masculine skin - or at least, not as well as woods, citrus and so on do.

    I'm coming ...
  5. Top 10 tasting article

    Bon et Copieux linked me to Top Ten Niche Fragrances Every Beginner Should Sample in a thread where I asked about figuring out my taste. It seems a useful backbone to make notes on.

    1: L’Air du Desert Marocain: dry, resinous amber.

    I already know I like amber *and* that I like it to be moist and rich rather than dry. Tom Ford Amber Absolute is a favourite of mine and pops up in the "if you like it richer" section of this. However, I'm coming to understand ...

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