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    First, open the MS Office Setup website or into your browser and sign in with your Microsoft Account. If you don't have an account then, in that case, create a new account and sign in with that.

    After doing sign in you need to Enter your Product Key, Country or region, and Your Language to get your Microsoft Office Setup. Here's what to do next:-

    Click the Download now button.
    Save the file to your desktop. Don't change the file name.
    Double click on the file icon.
    Enter your Product Key.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your license.
  2. HouseOfPhlegethon's Avatar
    I concur with rose and oud being a stellar combination. It is definitely one of my favorites...
  3. dombowkett's Avatar
    Have to tried "Eye of Love" to buy quality perfume?
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    It is really nice indeed. I had the chance to attend an atelier in Montreal (last month) with the nose behind Monsillage, Isabelle Michaud. It was really enlightening. She spoke of perfumery in general but also about her own approach and we had the chance to try her fragrances, 6 in total (I think). Aviation Club, even though I only tried it once, caught my attention as well as Eau Fraîche & Eau de Céleri (won a prize last summer at Art & Olfaction). A House worth discovering!
  5. David Ruskin's Avatar
    Surely You "convey your identity" by being there, by wearing what you wear, by saying what you say and by behaving in the way you behave. How you smell will be a minor part of that whole picture. I would have no trouble in regarding a man dressed in an expensive suit, with an expensive watch, sitting at an expensive restaurant as someone who is successful enough to afford such things; that he smells of Tuberose would be part of that. One should wear what one is comfortable with, but it is only smell after all. You can convoy your identity in so many different ways, and can convoy many different identities at will. I think a tax advisor who smells of Shalimar would be marvellous.
    I do love a blind buy. There's something so exciting about researching and then waiting to see how you like the fragrance!
  7. Smash747's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more. For the reasons you mention, and a few more: Once you've done your research and are reasonably sure what to expect, it's like Christmas morning when you finally get to open it and try it out. I just blind bought a bottle of Sung Homme for $9.99!!! Couldn't pass up that bargain. It was on the shelf calling my name, Great anticipation all the drive home, and voila......FANTASTIC. I did no research on this one, just bought it based on the house reputation and the ridiculous price. Even better, because I had no idea what to expect, I just knew that it should be pretty good based on the Alfred Sung reputation,
    I blind bought Tsar by VC&A, and Versace Dreamer and they are now two of my favorites. Conversely, I blind bought Both Ed Hardy Skulls and Roses and Hearts and Daggers, and wasn't impressed with either, Both were bargain priced, and the Skulls and Roses bottle looks good on my dresser. So, for that alone it was worth the price,

    So, while blind buying is a crap-shoot, its a lot of fun, and well worth taking the chance at bargain prices.

    Great thread, I'm looking forward what the others have to say.
  8. Timothée Kal's Avatar
    Blind buying can indeed be satisfying especially when you do ample research like you rightly put it and kind of have an idea what to expect.

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