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  1. Useful "starter" aromachemicals

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    I thought it might be helpful to list some of the aroma chemicals that I find most useful, most often, in no particular order:
    Synthetic Ambergris - there are several and I use one in many, many accords I make
    Iso E Super - adds a unique diffusive quality to many accords. IFRA limits this to 20% but that's more than you are ever likely to want to use anyway - I find 2% is plenty in a finished product (that's 2% of the total product not 2% of the aromatics, just to be clear)
  2. Vegan conundrum....

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    Asking for things not tested on animals, and without animal products is ok. But please don't call them cruelty-free in a place where not everyone shares your ethical views.
    Otherwise I may call the ones that are tested on animals stupid-free.

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