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  1. A mix mash of everything

    I've noticed that perfumes created before the 90's usually have a distinct top, heart, and base notes. However many modern perfumes in department stores seem to just throw the pyramid away, I not saying that's a bad thing. But I'm wondering how it came to be, was some innovation made in the fragrance world or is it simply a new trend, I'm searching for the answer, with no luck now
  2. I do not have any more time for my fragrance life :(

    Well this is a different fall, for all the time I've been on BN its either been summer or I was at my old school, at my old school we went to class at 9AM got our assignments for the day and left at 12 to go home and complete them so as I was typing up my work I could always log into BN and follow threads just like you guys at work. But now that I go to a traditional school I go to class at 8AM and get off at 4 then its Debate Team which wasn't offered at my old school, I just realized that I haven't ...
  3. I'm asking for computer help :(

    Something weird is going on about a month ago i couldn't start and threads when I tried to submit a thread my computer said

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/basenot2/public_html/community/includes/functions_search.php on line 196

    but the odd thing is I could still post to existing threads just not start them

    it went away after a few weeks and everything was fine but its come back again ...
  4. the best fragrance for a rainy day

    Well where I'm at is having a DOWNPOUR

    I'm glad all the mesquite bushes are getting watered (not)

    well anyway I love the mood a good summer downpour puts you in

    so this girl's gotta ask

    what fragrance goes best with rain?

    HEAVY: Hermes Hiris

    LIGHT OR MISTY: L'Heure Bleue

    I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts !

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