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Scent of the Day

This blog depicts my interpretation of a chosen scent. I write a description and then list the notes and illustrate with a painting or photograph.

  1. SotD Monday 14 June

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    William Arthur Breakspeare
    Edwardian Bouquet

    Peaceful, elegant beauty as the
    ylang ylang is supported by succulent moss.
    Drifting through the garden; a butterfly completes the dream.
    It seems as if the blossoms go on forever!

    Top notes:
    Bergamot, Green, Hyacinth, Mandarin

    Heart Notes:
    Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang

    Base Notes:
  2. S o t D - Sunday, June 13, 2010

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    Raphaelle Peale, 1822

    Puro Lino
    Deceptively simple, lingering clean scent of soap.
    It must be the geranium that gives this a sense of wonderment.
    Tangy and gentle at the same time.
    All the while, verbena and jasmine tantalize in soothing caresses.

    The notes feature geranium, jasmine, verbena,
    neroli, green notes and musk.
    Tags: puro lino
  3. S o t D - Friday, June 11, 2010

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    Carole Lombard
    Caron - Tabac Blond
    Leathery, luxurious, drinkably sumptuous;
    I swoon as the dark tide engulfs me.
    Amber and florals sparkle through while
    warm sweetness flows and soothes like molasses.

    Created in 1919 by Ernest Daltroff, at that time the only
    feminine fragrance with tobacco notes, a dry chypre fragrance with
    top notes of orange blossom and lemon,
  4. SOTD Thursday 10 JUNE 2010

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    Marc Chagall, 1913

    Lubin - Nuit de Longchamp
    Dusky aldehydes meld with soft florals and gently soothe the soul.
    Is there such a thing as an intellectual perfume?
    This scent seems to open up the mind to new possibilities.
    I feel crisp, sharp and agile as a cat in a window!

    Top notes are nutmeg, Sicilian bergamot,
    Tunisian orange blossom and cardamom;
    middle notes are iris,
  5. S O T D wednesday June 9th 2010

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    Estée Lauder - Azurée
    Tangy-green, squinting light, I blink and breathe.
    Rippling ruffles, squawk and fly. Stretch those wings!
    Fresh; this color is sublime!

    Notes that feel right to me from internet sources:
    top notes of aldehydes, bergamot, and gardenia;
    heart of jasmine, cyclamen, ylang ylang, and orris;
    base of patchouli, leather, oakmoss, amber, and musk.


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