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Scent of the Day

This blog depicts my interpretation of a chosen scent. I write a description and then list the notes and illustrate with a painting or photograph.

  1. SotD Saturday 10 April

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    Serge Lutens - Iris Silver Mist

    Rooty and dark; a mist envelopes.
    The fairies are lulled to sleep by the potion of love.

    Iris Silver Mist includes notes of iris, clove, cedarwood, sandalwood,
    vetiver, white amber, labdanum, musks, benzoin, incense.
  2. SotD Wednesday 7 April

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    Edward Hopper, 1940

    Mazzolari - Vetiver
    Complex, dry, tangy and green, the notes are appealing to either sex.
    Fresh throughout the day and into the night; when anything can happen.
    Notes: vetiver, citrus orange, lemon, bergamot, soft floral notes,
    nutmeg, light tobacco, sandalwood
  3. SotD Monday 5 April

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    Guerlain - Sous le Vent

    Extraordinary chypre. Tingling topnotes anchored by gentle spices.
    An absolute pleasure; invoking May wine and the robin's song.

    Sous Le Vent features notes of basil, bergamot, lavender, tarragon,
    carnation, oakmoss, iris, woods, patchouli.

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  4. SotD Sunday 4 April

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    John Singer Sargent, 1886

    Serge Lutens - Un Lys

    A stunning soliflore of dramatic proportions.
    Much as the lily in the garden; it jumps forward and stays there.
    Enhanced by supporting players; sandalwood, vanilla
    and the green tang of surrounding leaves, the lily rules supreme.
  5. SotD Saturday 3 April

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    Claude Monet, 1900

    Jean Patou - 1000

    A magnificent tumble of flowers gently falls.
    Osmanthus takes the stage. Slightly green, never too sweet.
    I am enchanted.

    Alternatively 'Mille'; created by Jean Kerléo; a rich floral-bouquet fragrance with
    top notes of bergamot, tarragon, angelica, damask rose and osmanthus;
    heart notes of jasmine de Grasse, violets, orris and Californian
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