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Scent of the Day

This blog depicts my interpretation of a chosen scent. I write a description and then list the notes and illustrate with a painting or photograph.

  1. SOTD Friday 20 August 2010

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    Caron-Violette Précieuse
    This is the earthy, dark green original version.
    Created in 1913 by Ernest Daltroff, it has the gorgeous shot of
    oakmoss that grips the throat and turns the shy violet into a bossy babe.

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  2. SOTD Thursday 19 August 2010

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    Salomon van Ruisdael, 1602
    Heeley-Sel Marin
    A perfect rendition of a salt marsh or a
    romp in the ocean on a hot day.
    My eyes are closed and I float aimlessly, quietly.
    I dream of the beautiful parrot fish darting
    among the rocks in the dappled sunlight.

    Sel Marin Notes;
    lemon, Sicilian bergamot, sea salt, seaweed, vetiver, birch, cedar
    Tags: heeley, sel marin
  3. SotD - Monday the 16th of August

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    Kumquat's garden
    Penhaligon's-Lily & Spice
    The season wanes and I'm feeling melancholy.
    Spicy, perky juice lifts my spirits and propels me into a mellow summer day.
    The blazing heat of last week has lifted and the cats can play in the sun again.
    This golden floriental is perfect for garden appreciation.
    Soon, the bees will chase me!

    Top-White Madonna Lily and Saffron
  4. SotD - Saturday the 14th of August

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    Montale-Black Aoud
    A regal scent suffused with leather.
    I can hardly wait for the ultimate dri-down;
    sensuous rose petals that taste of love's sweet kiss.

    Red rose, aoud, labdanum, sandalwood
  5. SotD: Thursday 12 August

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    Gustave Courbet
    Miss Dior

    A divinely sensuous, woody-grass note that soothes and stimulates.
    Just as it lulls me into a calm repose,
    I'm aware that a green brightness has sharpened my senses.
    Out of the warm woody depths, comes a smoky, tart taste.
    Delight & take flight!

    Created in 1947 by Paul Vacher in collaboration
    with Jean Carles and Serge Heftler-Louiche,
    a fresh

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    Tags: miss dior
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