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    Thank-you, BetsyMezaros, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by heavenscent1
    Excellent post, thanks for sharing. Love the artwork, too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bibitry
    Oh, I love your scent poetry, kumquat!
    Thank-you, Bibitry. I appreciate that!
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    Thanks, Miracleborgtech and Jspo, for the kind and thoughtful comments. I'm really touched. Regarding the story and image of 'Lady Godiva', I especially liked the rebellious aspect of the story. But, as you point out, she appears submissive in the image. A sign of acquiescence and respect- also fitting for the scent.
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    Thanks for the interest. I really enjoy this painting. I don't know the artist. It's from the museum of Art in Princeton, NJ. It's depicting a historical "rape" scene conducted by Roman soldiers. This woman, however, appears fairly entranced by her captor. Interesting what the wealthy folks found entertaining in the days before movies.
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    Thank-you for the kind remark. This one feels especially old-school to me.
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    Zephyr, so kind!
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    Thanks, 30 Roses!
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    Although the chief note given is listed as peach blossom, I keep getting plum blossom. I recently compared this to Tom Ford- Plum Japonais ​and the similarities were striking.
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    Thank-you, Prosperonline! You're too kind! I hope you do try 31 Rue Cambon and like it as much as I do.
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    The current one doesn't have oak moss. So it has very little character. It is too pale and sweet. Vintage is always better, sadly. The last time I bought it, a few years ago it was still good. Darn, it must have been changed by now.
    Updated 18th March 2014 at 09:10 PM by kumquat
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    This entry makes me smile. I'm new to this fragrance, just starting to get to know it. This is a lovely description.
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    lutens really doesn't do it for me. what an incredible painting though!
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    Excellent post, thanks for sharing. Love the artwork, too!
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    Yes, I think it's great they offer the extrait! That is definitely the way to go. You won't believe how creamy and smooth it is.
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    What a nice comment! I will try to keep them coming! I have slowed down some, but I still add one now and then.
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    Thanks for the comment, Primrose. This is one of the first perfumes I went out of my way to find after trying a sample. I held off on doing a blog entry because I'm not sure if it is easy to buy. If you do find it, it is well worth the trouble!
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    Derby! Fine art that it is, I love your artwork to go with it, kumquat!

    Yes, Primrose - I, too, much prefer the bee bottle, and am glad I've got mine. Still, I do appreciate that the scent itself has held up well.
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    Derby is one of my all time favs. I prefer this to Sous Le Vent.

    A tragedy about the new, square bottle.

    Thank you for sharing your SOTD.
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