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Scent of the Day

This blog depicts my interpretation of a chosen scent. I write a description and then list the notes and illustrate with a painting or photograph.

  1. S O T D Friday 18 June 2010

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    Guerin Pierre- 'Narcisse, Morpheus & Iris', 1811

    Frederic Malle - Iris Poudre

    Sumptuous, this fragrance spoils me for any others.
    A rich floral that knows when to stop and turn green.
    Never overpowered, I am swept into a gentle tumble of glory
    and breathe great pleasurable clouds.

    Top: bergamot, orange, rosewood, ylang-ylang, carnation
    Heart: magnolia,
  2. S O T D Thrusday 17 June 2010

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    Strange Invisible Perfumes -Trapeze

    Nearly retro, this mysterious blend combines the unlikely bedfellows;
    tuberose & carnation with vetiver & spearmint.
    Dense, sweet but gutsy and fresh, this scent has the
    chutzpa required for such derring do.
  3. Sotd - Wednesday the 16th of June

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    John Singer Sargent
    Pierre Balmain - Ivoire

    The perfect scent for a warm day.
    Softly wrapped in loose white linen, I dream.
    Sweet lemonade is the ideal companion
    for the light greens and spritely florals.

    Created in 1980 by Florasynth;
    a soft fresh green floral parfum with
    top notes of marigold, bergamot, galbanum and camomile with
    heart notes of jasmine, lily of
  4. SotD Monday 14 June

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    William Arthur Breakspeare
    Edwardian Bouquet

    Peaceful, elegant beauty as the
    ylang ylang is supported by succulent moss.
    Drifting through the garden; a butterfly completes the dream.
    It seems as if the blossoms go on forever!

    Top notes:
    Bergamot, Green, Hyacinth, Mandarin

    Heart Notes:
    Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang

    Base Notes:
  5. S o t D - Sunday, June 13, 2010

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    Raphaelle Peale, 1822

    Puro Lino
    Deceptively simple, lingering clean scent of soap.
    It must be the geranium that gives this a sense of wonderment.
    Tangy and gentle at the same time.
    All the while, verbena and jasmine tantalize in soothing caresses.

    The notes feature geranium, jasmine, verbena,
    neroli, green notes and musk.
    Tags: puro lino
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