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  1. Kingpharroh's Avatar
    Great post. I enjoyed reading it. I tried Ambre Sultan just the other day and I am amazed at how great it really is.
  2. Made in California's Avatar
    Just read through all your entries. Great job, I loved your writing style. You're the perfect person to do a list like this.
  3. Made in California's Avatar
    Where's Paper Passion by Steidl! haha
  4. leecher88's Avatar
    great idea big up man

    go on
  5. phi's Avatar
    I really enjoyed every second of reading this post

    You chrystallised exactly what my thoughts are with regards to how heterosexuality is perceived today and acceptable ways of expressing who you are

    As well as giving perfect descriptions of the frags in this column
  6. Mistertaz's Avatar
    Thankyou Rogalal, for sharing your experience and thoughts with us. Reading your blog is both educational and entertaining!

    Oh... and Serge Lutens is amazing! Truly an example of where perfume becomes art! His scents may not be wearable every day, but every time I put one on, it's an experience! My absolute favourites are Fille en Aigulles and Vetiver Oriental. Both "green" perfumes done in a typically Lutens style. I encourage anyone to try these two out, even though they are not as popular as the aforementioned ones.
  7. mcolson's Avatar
    I loved your description of "No1 for Women by Clive Christian." The baby of two of my very favorite perfumes: Joy and Chanel No 5. Wow! And thank you for telling us which stores carry this fragrance so that I can try it out! I've just stumbled upon your blogs and this series and I think it's a great idea! I love all the time and detail you've put into your reviews. And your last tip (#100) was so true: go back and re-smell your samples again. Even your actual bottles that you've purchased awhile ago. I find that my chemistry and/or taste changes and I end up getting rid of quite a few fragrances that I previously liked and wore. Probably the same reason I am always becoming enticed by the new scents they come out with every year... And why I will never have enough space for my fragrance collection, let alone for my true passion, my miniature bottles! It's nice to see someone who shares the love of fragrance; thank you for all of your hard work!
  8. HORNS's Avatar
    I've gone out and smelled so many perfumes just because of your inspiring write-ups. Thank you for this labor of love!
  9. rogalal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DuNezDeBuzier
    I just read them all, back to front, and with old spice up and down one arm AND vintage edc no. 5 up and down the other... I just want to say Thank You for the great read!
    You're now officially my new favorite!
  10. morrison74's Avatar
    I also really enjoyed reading this series of blogs! Thank you!
  11. Geldachron's Avatar
    It's a shame they no longer produce Pure Malt. I would loved to have a sniff of this. Not that I'm a whiskey expert but I'm sure I would enjoy this fragrance. I know it's still sold on eBay and so on but I don't think it's worth that price for a blind-buy.
    Updated 9th December 2011 at 11:32 AM by Geldachron
  12. DuNezDeBuzier's Avatar
    I just read them all, back to front, and with old spice up and down one arm AND vintage edc no. 5 up and down the other... I just want to say Thank You for the great read!
  13. cello's Avatar
    Well done Rogalal! I've got a sample list now, as there are plenty here that I have not sampled.

    Now, get back to Sample of the are missed!!!
  14. Birdboy48's Avatar
    As a relative newbie I want to add my gratitude and appreciation for all the time and effort you put into this series. It was an education, and more : A great and marvelously considered read as well. I hope there is a "views" counter somewhere, which testifies to the number of folks which followed it as it unfolded, as I know there were many more that took the time to comment here.

    Once again, Thanks.
  15. Cylob's Avatar
    Thanks for this great series...
    I'd say someone should release this in bookform.
    Well done!
  16. mr. reasonable's Avatar
    Bravo rogalal!

    Great stuff and a lot of fun - thanks for a terrific series, I have really enjoyed seeing the new installments popping up from week to week.
  17. Melvournis's Avatar
    Essential reading for a beginner like me. I'm in.
  18. rickbr's Avatar
    I wish i could understand the love for Millesime Imperial, wich smells to me just like a cheap violet aroma that a lot of masculine cheap fragrances are based on. It has a really plastic aroma...
  19. rickbr's Avatar
    For me Mitsouko is so easily a textbook example of a Chypre frag! It shows at very well done way the contrast of lightness versus darkness that you will find on a chypre frag. I love the peachskin effect at the opening that slowly transforms into the mossy base. But i think that the vintage version has the chypre part in more evidence. Guerlain is a brand that will never get sick of wearing, one of my favorites so far
  20. rickbr's Avatar
    For me, the parfum version of Chanel No 5 is less floral and less delicate.
    And you also have the Eau Premiere Version which is easy to wear and refreshing at summer
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