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  1. Thinking on it

    I have a lot of time at work when slow to think about fragrances and why I wear them. Or why you wear them. Mainly, I wonder why we have so, so many. I am speaking about a lot of us here on basenotes. Our bottle counts are huge. It is so strange. I am going to babble on maybe why I do. Feel free to join in.

    I used to think I just liked them. I just bought them on whims and whenever I felt like it. I didn't know people did not usually do that. One bottle was enough for them. Their ...
  2. Fragrance Rankings.

    Was in the forum. Thought I could save it here so I can find it easier.

    Each day over the course of roughly 2 weeks, I would do several surveys with customers and associates. I would spray approximately 8 blotters cards all with different fragrances. It would usually be by brand. If there were more than 8, I would spray the entire line. If it were fewer, I would spray multiple brands per test. I would also do no more than 3 surveys per day at several hours apart. This was to limit ...
  3. Get to Know a Basenote(r): Ipp

    And today, we have another great mod interview, as well as our first female! Get ready.. for Ipp!


    Retired, caring for a parent, a bunch of rescue dogs and an increasingly wayward garden. Also seek out unusual stones to make necklaces & things from in quiet times.
    Have reached a wonderful stage in life where my daughter has grown up safely and is a lovely, happy person.

    Did you want to be a mod?
    .Being fairly housebound, it seemed like ...

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  4. Get to Know a Basenote(r): jarroditshallbe

    Hey again. I am going to interview me. I am doing this for future interviews, so I can show a few different lines of thought to answer questions, and free up how much they can articulate. Again, thanks for reading, and let me know any improvements you may think of!

    Why do these Interviews?
    So many of these questions are asked constantly in the forums. Since the “search tool” is clearly always broken, this may be a way to quick reference some of the FAQ’s.
    I also tried ...
  5. Get to Know a Basenote(r): Grant Osborne

    This week, the Man himself, Grant Osborne. The founder of Basenotes

    Job outside of BN?
    My job outside of Basenotes is being a dad (I’m a single parent to my two children for half of the week)

    Moment you decided to start the site?
    There used the be a site called The Cologne Guy that had seemingly shut down a few years before. I was just getting into fragrance – as I had a job selling the stuff in a UK department store – and thought I could create something ...
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