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  1. misscasey's Avatar
    Helllo Barb W, Southerngardens, and Teardrop. Thanks for reading and for empathizing. Thanks for the congrats, Teardrop, and for the encouraging words. Looking forward to seeing you all on Basenotes. Take care!
  2. teardrop's Avatar
    Welcome back misscasey, congrats on your degree & good luck in adjusting to all the changes in your life!
  3. Barb W's Avatar
    Good morning! Another day in the world of fragrance!
  4. southerngardens's Avatar
    I can understand where your coming from and it takes a lot of courage to be so honest about your life. Bravo! We do not know each orher, but I look forward to making friends with you because you seem like some I would like to know. Welcome Back!

    Kind Regards
  5. Barb W's Avatar
    I can relate to having a number of hobbies and sometimes getting burned out from them. Within the past few years I have transitioned from working in an office 9 to 5 position to pursuing my heart held aspirations, one of which is perfumes, specifically perfume oils. I love perfume oils. I look forward to connecting and sharing experiences of the perfume industry.
  6. Kiliwia's Avatar
    I totally agree with you on the current Samsara, it's nothing like vintage Samsara. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep writing, you are good at it!!!
  7. Wee Scottish Scent Lover's Avatar
    When did they change the formula of Samsara? It used to be my darling mum's favourite, and for that reason, I don't think I could bear to have it, as I would just be far too upset every time I smelled it. Awful sad to hear they've changed it, though. It is a unique, classy and very beautiful scent. The perfume equivalent of angel delight!
  8. KarmaLee's Avatar
    I get the clean hair and steam feeling! I am a late-comer to Chanel 5 and am having a true love affair. I only have a bit: just got an ebay small bit of vintage. The bottle leaked even after the seller's best efforts, but he refunded me part of the purchase and I have a precious bit left in the botton. I think this climbs above Shalimar for me as my favorite vintage so far. I have Eau Premiere, and like it, but the vintage makes me just weak in the knees. I smelled my wrist so hard my nose hurt.

    I am now looking for any vintage in any concentration. I need to win the lottery. Now.
  9. KarmaLee's Avatar
    I am so glad you got the same juice. I have been dabbling in ebay and got some gorgeous vintage chanel 5 and a bit of vintage shalimar. Both so gorgeous I am almost ready to only invest in vintages. But no, I love many types and kinds. But there is just something that happens in my nose and my deep in my bones when I smell one of the old classics. A hit of quality, of depth and complexity, that I just find missing in so many even great new ones. Maybe it is the nearly-impossible to find naturals?

    I found a tiny vintage sample of Samsara at an antique store this week. It makes me just swoon. Now, I must buy a larger bottle. Ebay is my friend! Glad you reminded me to go after some!
  10. misscasey's Avatar
    Thanks KarmaLee. I found a used bottle of the original version at a great price on Ebay- and yes, it's the same scent I first fell in love with. It has a gold cap, whereas my first vintage bottle had a red cap- but I couldn't find another red cap anywhere. But it's definitely the same stuff. Yayyyyyy!

    PS: My experience with Ebay has been pretty positive for the most part. Just be careful. And good luck! :P
  11. KarmaLee's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear this! Samsara is on my to-buy list. I guess now i will do what I have been doing and brave the mad world of ebay for a vintage dangerous. I hope you find a vintage supply!
  12. misscasey's Avatar
    I prefer the original.
  13. laral28's Avatar
    Okay so I just tried the Eau Premiere and the insect repellent is actually more of a playdough smell on me? Definitely getting the syrup though. Almost settles like Prada's Infusion d'Iris on me which is weird because I only know of one note they share.
  14. misscasey's Avatar
    OhHHh, I'm starting to get past the orange creamsicle thing and this is getting gooood. I sprayed on several sprays of Eau Premiere as my SOTD, finishing off my sample vial. I'm starting to get some other notes besides the perceived sugar. MmMmm, sexyyy!

    Maybe I'll get a compliment at work today- people loove a sweet smellin sweet talkin sweetie. LOL.

  15. misscasey's Avatar
    Sometimes I think that the best way to test things is together, but there are other times when I think that two scents each deserve their own day, without the distraction of the other.
    That's a good point- I think I will try them separately. Eau Premiere will be up next.

    You're welcome and thank you guys for sharing.
  16. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    I actually prefer the original Chanel No.5 . I'm not a fan of Eau Premiere.
  17. ECaruthers's Avatar
    A somewhat knowledgable SA at Lord and Taylor told us that Chanel made Eau Première by "inverting" the note pyramid of No. 5. She said she was quoting the support literature given to them by Chanel.

    I think she meant that they increased the top notes. That's the way it smeled to me. But I suppose there might be synthetics similar enough to the original notes to make something like the original base notes evaporate fast and something like the original top notes last longer. It's at least an interesting idea, even if it's not what Chanel did. Has anyone else heard this sort of story?
  18. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Interesting observations! I'll have to watch out for the orange creamsicle effect next time I sniff Eau Première. I'm not sure if that's it (or the corn syrup! ), but there's something about Eau Première that I really, really like.

    Sometimes I think that the best way to test things is together, but there are other times when I think that two scents each deserve their own day, without the distraction of the other. I'll be very interested to know what you think in the end - which method gave you more insight into which scent you will end up preferring.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us!
  19. YouCanCallMeMo's Avatar
    If I had tried Mitsouko EDT first, I'm not sure I'd be as big a it was, I was lucky to first try the pure parfum, which is a kiss from Angels on High....I have the EDT now, mostly because it was a steal and I could still get that "Mitsouko" vibe....but, still, when I sniff my bottle of parfum....that's what makes my eyes roll back in ecstasy. Seriously...if you ever have a chance, smell the pure parfum. You'll keel over in delight, I swear!
  20. misscasey's Avatar
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