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  1. The Jean Carles Method

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    I have recently did a play on Jean Carles method just using different math, and the presumption that I can tell when it is right. The idea being that at some point it is too much of one, and eventually it will not seem like too much. This certainly will not replace the full on experimentation, because it doesn't take into account aging, nor side by side comparison, it is good for something.

    Simply start with your two ingredients by putting 1 drop each into a container and using strips
  2. Two new summer fresh perfume formulations

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    I've added two new perfume formulations to my blog, both all about freshness and summer.

    GW: Summer in Paris, fruity trails of freshness
    A fruity male? Yes, a fruity male. This perfume introduces spring and summer in a fresh and fruity way.
    The fruits are there but masked by the violet, vetiver, cashmeran combination which provides the male touch.
    The calone and melonal bends the sweetness towards freshness.

    HA: straight from the shower, wrapped in fresh towels

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