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  1. Gamma Methyl Ionone

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    Fascinating reading, all the above, as I try to find more written info on Takasago's Methyl Ionone Gamma EQ (I have no idea what EQ stands for and I guess that's my point here...)

    This issue, I mean aroma discrepancies between products obtained from one seller to the next with the identical chemical name, exists with many other ingredients as well, not just the big family of ionones we all love so much. However, differences among the ionones is perhaps more noticeable or rampant
  2. On natural body sex attractants...

    I agree that scent and attractiveness are largely a matter of familiar 'happy memory' associations. There are, however, IMHO, some bodily wants to say 'odors' here, but Proctor & Gamble, et al, have permanently ruined that term via TV, so I'll say... 'aromas' which are naturally attractive in spite of our constantly being hammered at that bodies 'smell' ...
  3. Who do you think has the problem here? My fragrances or ...

    This was published over a year ago, but I just found it a few months ago. There was a Part One, which was just as vitriolic... Just in case anyone thinks they might want to try their hand at perfuming, take a read. This was on Scent Signals by the mysterious Helg...

    Michael Storer Perfume: An Individualist's Impressions, Part Two


    Part Two begins with Yvette. Yvette is a dyed redhead with a drinking problem. One of those women who is ...

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