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  1. Tuberose, bubblegum

    I'm reading the Tuberose Series over at and thinking that I really should explore tuberose as a note more, and other heady florals as well, in spite of really not liking them much at all - or perhaps because I don't like them much at all. I think I mentioned wishing for a good, proper scrubber the last time I posted; Honoré des Prés Vamp à NY wasn't quite it, but it did come pretty close, smelling as it did, to my nose, on my skin, mostly like Juicy Fruit ...

    Updated 2nd March 2011 at 09:07 AM by Pimpinett

  2. Another year

    So much has happened with my nose this past year, I realized, having a look at my entry about L'Heure Bleue - is that really no longer than eight months ago? How strange! I like heliotrope. I gifted a friend with samples of eight heliotrope-laden fragrances for Christmas and I can't wait to try them myself.

    I honestly cannot think of a single fragrance I really detest; I can think of ones I dislike, fragrances that make me wrinkle my nose and consider moving a few feet away, but ...

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  3. Yearning

    I felt this sudden pang of longing for early spring, that smell of snow melting, damp soil, cold, crisp air and last year's grass all wet, longing for early spring and wearing Le Temps d'Une Fête.

    There is a part of fall that is akin to early spring, the same sharpness in the air, the same smell of earth and similar flowers, too - late fall-blooming bulbs like colchicums, autumn crocus, even autumn snowdrops. I should probably have a go at Le Temps d'Une Fête one day, when the weather ...
  4. Ink!

    A friend who is deeply entrenched in the absorbing world of fountain pens, dip pens, nibs, ink and paper, more specifically vintage pens and ink, gifted me with a bottle of sepia Pelikan ink, probably dating from around WWII. It's waterproof, which means that I can't put it in my grandfather's Parker 21, so I'm on the look-out for nib pens that I can use it with (as well as one of those fantastic rubber barrel Mabie Todd Swans - my God, the smell!).

    Also, I found another use for it; ...
  5. Le Temps D'Une Fête, high summer

    Oh, the joy of suddenly finding the animal in Le Temps d'Une Fête lurking in the crook of your elbow! I have skin that tames wild beasts, which is a shame sometimes - I like a judicious dose of smut with my pleasure - but this one blooms in the heat, it seems. I've been enjoying delicious little whiffs of it all day, first the galbanum, then, for hours, that carnal narcissus, and now all of a sudden there's a barnyard that would put Dzing! to shame among the narcissi - hay, animals, jonquils and ...

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