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  1. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Thanks Red! Your samples definitely helped out a great deal, and even gave me a favorite! L'instant Extreme of course.

    chipper - I'd have to say it'd be Custo Man. It's by Francis Kurkdjian, the same guy who made Le Male. It's more accessible for me, and there's more going on, so it's pretty damn good. Sweet Redemption isn't bad per se, but it's not great.
  2. chipper's Avatar
    Whats your favorite orange blossom scent?
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Dude - all I'll say is that your nose has come a L-O-N-G way. I am getting some great advice from you here. Thanks for the awesome report!
  4. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Thanks! I have fun posting these. I'll definitely have to try those out!
  5. trex57's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your entry. Your delivery is freakin hilarious. Liked your blog entry about NYC. It can be overwhelming, Ive never heard BG described as a wormhole, priceless.

    About your entry, you like what you like. I love CN a lot. But I also like Idole too. If you want to try something a little different try things like Odin #4, it has a cassis note and its not overly heavy(IMO), Humaniste from Frapin(boozy) and maybe Ulrich Lang #2(rhubarb no less)

    They are not overly pricey, well maybe the Frapin. Buy a few samples and try them out.

    Each person has different tastes and styles. Thats one of the reasons there are so many frags out there.

    Cheers Rex
  6. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Not really. Well, I can't really make any connections. Someone else might be able to though! For light fragrances I wear Creed's MI/SMW, L'Artisan's MeM, Etat Libre d'Orange's Tilda Swinton Like This, Gucci Pour Homme II, Kenzo Power, and Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil. I've dreamt of having a beautifully realistic aquatic (I ordered a sample of Sel Marin, I'm hopeful) and I don't think I could ever try too many fruity fragrances. The only issue with fruit fragrances is how synthetic they can be and how sweet they usually are.

    When it comes to warm fragrances I adore ones that are rich and smooth: CN21, By Kilian's Back to Black, and Hermes' Ambre Narguile are all fantastic. I don't mind ones that are a bit spicy, like L'instant Extreme, but I don't do ones that are intensely spicy, like Idole de Lubin. They hurt my nose. I also like booziness! I may have liked Pure Malt had it not had the patchouli note, but I can't be sure. I'm a vanilla nut, but haven't found any real loves yet. I would love Spiritueuse Double Vanille (booziness AND vanilla!) had the cedar not been so strong. If the cedar was really quiet, I probably would love it much more.
  7. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Double post!
  8. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Do the 'fumes you love have something in common? Perfumes The Guide has brief descriptions of all the 'fumes. The Excel work book has them in col. D Are your favorites mostly in one family (oriental, fougere, ...) or do they have some notes in common?
  9. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Why thank you! I try and explain myself the best I can. Definitely still a learning experience.

    Oh and I got a third bottle of By Man I got them all from eBay. I made sure they were both white under the cap. A lot of the people I messaged on there said it was black, so unfortunately there's a LOT of fakes.
  10. Surfacing's Avatar
    2 bottles of By Man ? What are you, part of the Mafia You must have a good source here. I bought a sample, but for some reason I feel it was "off". It was just a sweet smelling scent with mild powder and poor strength. I'll have to check some other place out.

    Noir de Noir is something I should have sampled by now. Its got rose ! I have been searching for a rose forever (forever = the last 7 months). It sounds a bit like Lyric Man because of the saffran. Come to think of it, I think Washington Tremlett's Black Tie is a rose masculine with a saffran note. But the saffran is kind of stronger that Lyric Man. Anyways, your Noir de Noir experience sounded good and makes me look forward to trying this Tom Ford scent.

    Costume National 21 is a pretty well made scent. I like it a bit better that Scent Intense, but the florals make me feel it is hard to pull off. Or rather, I am just not warming up to this scent. You got it right when you said creamy, however. Overall, a good scent.

    I give your blog entry a thumbs up . Thanks for sharing the details of your latest sampling journy CC.
  11. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    This morning I could still get wafts of By Man! Pretty insane longevity!
  12. Kalynne's Avatar
    Luckyscent has samples for $3. They're also a good resource with reviews.
  13. Francop's Avatar
    Try,, and you shall find what you are looking for; be patient and check daily but you shall find something of your liking...let me know how you get on...Francop
  14. fsface's Avatar
    Well, if you've fallen into money, who cares about $13 for a Serge Lutens sample shipped to your door? You're rich now! Go for it!
  15. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Thanks Red
  16. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar

    Great post! Hey, maybe it was the Bond, or maybe just sniffing Aventus on the card, but I imagine your knowledge impressed them either way! Sounds like you had a great time. NYC is just awesome, and I do hope to visit those specific places, too, someday.

    Very cool - thanks for the fun report. I really enjoyed that!
  17. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    I'm glad it clicked for me too haha I really wanted to like it. The drydown was great it was the blast of violet leaf that took me awhile to get used to. I'm so happy that I still have so much testing to do. I'm not even close! I may find some unbelievable fragrances around the corner and I have no idea. I guess that's part of the joy in sampling!
  18. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Thanks Red!
  19. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yup, I think that's a great plan. I agree completely - those frags that demand a bunch of thinking - those are often the ones I end up falling the hardest for. I think you're gonna be happy with your choice.

  20. SculptureOfSoul's Avatar
    Glad this one finally clicked for you Canwll. I've been lucky (or.. unlucky?) that a good number of the really divisive scents here (eg L'Anarchiste, NR) clicked for me right away. The only two which were massive 180s for me were Fleur du Male and M7.

    I think it was Amit who sent me my NR sample. I believe it was him, anyhow. Whoever it was was actually offering a full bottle for free to any takers, but I felt that jumping on that offer would have been greedy given that I hadn't even tested the scent before. Anyhow, I still remember that first sampling. I was taken aback. I had much less experience then and so I couldn't really fit the scent into any context.. it was truly one of the 'horizon expanding perfumes' of my journey.

    Thanks for the blog post. It jogged a lot of pleasant memories for me. I really do kind of miss those days - those days when I was less experienced and more naive and those 'oh-my-god-this-is-INCREDIBLE' moments were more frequent.

    Also, you're welcome for the samples. I've had a lot of generous people help me out - it feels good to continue that BN tradition.
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