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  1. Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part Two

    Sometimes you find yourself feeling like someone took a handful of green flower stems and thwacked you across the face.

    That is how I felt when I tried the vintage Vent Vert by Balmain for the first time. It is Spring on steroids for sure. Intellectually, I appreciated the skill and the idea of the greenest green smell. It is the only parfum that has made me laugh. This parfum has an attitude. It tells you quite plainly that you might think you know the smell of green spring and ...
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  2. Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part One

    Sometimes it is about bitter disappointment, bewilderment, and betrayal.

    I was driven to write this because of a thread about Guerlain Vetiver. Since I was so in love with Guerlain and I was looking for a great scent for my hubby, I thought, "Why not Guerlain Vetiver?" It had a great bottle and look. I snagged a sample at Sephora. I tried it on and immediately said to myself, "Oh, no, no, no." It seemed too sharp to me. In men's cologne I like Eau Sauvage (it ...

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  3. Loving the Juice

    Redneck Perfumisto got me thinking about my experience on Facebook and how I had to move here and Perfume of Life because all my friends and family tired of my perfume talk.

    You know when you need to stop mentioning perfume on Facebook when friends are posting things you would normally hear at an intervention. When they start bringing up the 12 steps, and getting all worried it is time to find perfume forums where it is absolutely normal to discuss at length what happens to you when ...
  4. Technical Difficulties or Mercury In Retrograde

    My boss said Mercury is in retrograde. It is a time that communications and get stuck, and it is a time to slow down and be reflective. All I know is I have to deal with a painful outpatient surgery and just one of those weeks. I always feel off kilter after a couple weeks off. I am a low ebb, because my vacations are not normally relaxing, but busy.

    Then I set up this blog and I cannot seem to have people post. I think I may have fixed it. Not sure. Love to have feedback.
  5. At The Waning Blue Hours of the End of Oughts - A Mini Review

    Amouage Epic and a wonderful Italian restaurant with my husband and son. Beautiful peppery rose opening that lasts for a couple of hours. Then at the start of dinner the fragrance just opens up and gives an "epic" performance of roses, spices...everything it got. Then as we started driving home the fragrance just centers itself into a low flame of incense with a hint of the sweetness that was there all along. Overall, we all ate well and hubby was able to share in the perfume's various ...

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