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Perfumes by Guerlain, because at heart I am a Guerlain Girl.

  1. Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part One

    Sometimes it is about bitter disappointment, bewilderment, and betrayal.

    I was driven to write this because of a thread about Guerlain Vetiver. Since I was so in love with Guerlain and I was looking for a great scent for my hubby, I thought, "Why not Guerlain Vetiver?" It had a great bottle and look. I snagged a sample at Sephora. I tried it on and immediately said to myself, "Oh, no, no, no." It seemed too sharp to me. In men's cologne I like Eau Sauvage (it ...

    Updated 11th January 2010 at 02:30 AM by DeniDithyrambia

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  2. Technical Difficulties or Mercury In Retrograde

    My boss said Mercury is in retrograde. It is a time that communications and get stuck, and it is a time to slow down and be reflective. All I know is I have to deal with a painful outpatient surgery and just one of those weeks. I always feel off kilter after a couple weeks off. I am a low ebb, because my vacations are not normally relaxing, but busy.

    Then I set up this blog and I cannot seem to have people post. I think I may have fixed it. Not sure. Love to have feedback.
  3. An Introduction as the Decade Ends

    This is Deni and I blog over at I used to blog about politics, art, and religion, but now it is mostly about a passion re-kindled and refined last late Spring and Fall.

    Years ago in my reckless youth I wore Lancome Oui, Tresor, and Poeme. I gave them up knowing nothing else until in the Spring I tried Diorissimo. It was as if my sense of smell was awakened to a whole new world. Since then I scurried around to gather the classics -- mostly Guerlain but ...

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