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  1. Another love has died... RIP Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    I mentioned a while ago that major dietary changes seem to have completely screwed up my skin chemistry and rendered many of my old HG / faves obsolete. Now I have way too much perfume to just go out and buy more but sadly I am far from my collection at the moment so do need to choose alternatives.

    Anyway, the dietary changes were:

    Cut out 90% processed sugars
    Cut out all dairy products
    Cut out egg and egg protein containing foods - including egg lecithin
  2. Name 3 Perfumes that Changed Your Life...and Why?

    There have been many Perfume Catalyst / Milestones for me but today these are the three that loom most prominent in my mind...:

    CDG EDP (the original) - A gift to my younger self at a time when I had nothing... not even a sense of self. That this person saw such fantastic qualities in me and picked a scent that was all I wished to be (original, unique, unforgettable) just blew my mind. I was too young and emotionally brittle to wear it well then but it is one that I will always have. ...
  3. Ode to Arpege (EDT) ... a lost love...

    One of the most influential fashion designers of the 20s and 30s, French-born Jeanne Lanvin started her career as a milliner in Paris. She hand-made clothes for her daughters that were so beautiful that they attracted the attention of Paris’ wealthiest residents, who began requesting Lanvin’s designs for their own children. Soon Lanvin opened her own boutique in the city, which became famous for its mother-and-daughter outfits. The Lanvin brand went on to produce menswear, furs, lingerie ...
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  4. H*ll has most definitely frozen over and the end of the world is nigh!

    First I reach for and love Dior Dior Addict EDP - a scent I have not worn in nearly 7 years and which I found horridly cloying, smothering, and synthetic due to an excess of that evil note Tonka bean. But a night or so ago it was divine. An addictive miasma of orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and musk. (I think the sandalwood oil I layered with it help keep it in check.)
    Then last night I actually reached for and wore that cruel demon rouge, DIOR HYPNOTIC POISON!!! and...and...and ...

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