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  1. Aiona's Avatar
    Yes, it happens to me too. And it's what makes the 4 stars versus 5 stars for me.
  2. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    Have fun on your trip!! Can't wait to hear aboput your fragrance adventures
  3. lightgreen22's Avatar
    I hope you get well soon Laral, it that darn transition between fall and winter that gets all of my allergies running
  4. laral28's Avatar
    Thanks so much. After spending way too much time with my NetiPot I am starting to feel a little better. Put on a little solid Gardenia Pompon this morning. Couldn't smell much but it made me feel better. Thanks again.
  5. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I do feel sorry for you - hope the little doggie in the picture is keeping you good company. Please take heart - you'll be back and better than ever, I'm sure. I find that colds and flu and sinus woes, once cured, have a way of rejuvenating my sense of smell. Not sure how it works, but I don't question it. I do hope you have the same experience.

    Get well soon!
  6. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    I understand what you mean completely! Chanel Allure is very much like the for me, the opening while lovely gives me an awful headache but after about 1/2 hour it disappears and I really love the scent.
  7. Aiona's Avatar
    Mm. . . Yes, Tabu comes to mind. Initially, tar smell. But as I didn't have a way to wash it off, I was forced to wait. And the drydown was actually pretty nice.
  8. laral28's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you. I sit at work when things are stressful and think..."if I could just log on for 10 minutes I'd feel better." It is a sanctuary for me.
  9. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yes, BN is truly a refuge. I'm not quite sure why, but I don't argue with it - I just accept it.
  10. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Lara- I totally agree- one big passionate fragrance lovin' family. I have come to know such wonderful people here- kind ,generous ( like youself for instance ), funny ,just lovely people .
  11. MFJ's Avatar
    laral28, great post! This is how I feel too. Everyone here is very respectful of differences in opinions, preferences, cultures etc. We all share a core enthusiasm for scents in general - that is what brought all of us together, and continues bond us strongly as a community, at the same time graciously welcoming new comers
    Updated 10th September 2009 at 09:59 AM by MFJ
  12. laral28's Avatar
    Well the one I had in mind when I wrote this was Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia from Estee Lauder. I can't remember a reaction quite as strong with another perfume, but with the Lily that I mentioned (the flower itself) it happens all the time. I know that adaptation occurs with the nose and that's why you stop noticing a scent after a few minutes, so I do like your ideas about smelling the minor notes and perhaps the temp changes are occurring too.

    One additional observation is that I did notice the scent (good and bad) much more frequently than other fragrances I wear. Perhaps there is a note in that fragrance that I am particularly sensitive to.

    All said, I'm a little sad because it is a very nice fragrance and I was considering buying it, but I am not sure I can stand the "see-saw" it puts my nose through..
    Updated 28th August 2009 at 12:19 AM by laral28 (Lily is one of the middle notes...this may be the connection)
  13. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Yes, of course this happens to all of us. (Hey, there's no penalty for lying on-line.)

    Actually the closest I come is the concentration effect. In reviewing Miel de Bois, Tania Sanchez says that, “Phenylacetic acid smells like honey in dilution, like urine at concentration.” And there are indoles that smell fecal. In good perfumes they're usually used in small concentrations. Maybe when heat, humidity and air flow are just right (or just wrong) the concentration of your scent builds up around you and you suddenly smell the minor note that's been there all the time.

    There's also the effect of getting used to a note and then not smelling it any more. Maybe your nose gets used to the "nice" notes and suddenly only smells the indole or phenylacetic acid. Then it gets used to them and you don't smell anything for a little while.

    What fragrances do this to you, laral?
  14. laral28's Avatar
    I love it! I am considering retirement for some of my scents...but it's hard..I'm "scentimental" like that. But you are correct about coming out of retirement...I just don't won't it to be like Michael Jordan...coming out of retirement only to disappoint.
  15. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Oh, yes. Some are workhorses, and others get rarely worn. Some come out of retirement, others retire too early. And I have some who only play night games, and some who tend to play more away games, for some reason.

    Good to see you going to multiple scents in a day. Definitely the way to go. On the men's board, we even have a verb for it - "astarothing" - named after one of us who would post 3 pictures every day in the Scent of the Day thread!
  16. laral28's Avatar
    That does sound fun! I did find the trends to point towards (keep in mind the reliability factor) jasmine, rose, musk, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, mandarin orange, cedar, sandalwood, tuberose, and vanilla. The ones in bold were much more prominent. The rest of the list was just honorable mention. What surprised me is that I thought gardenia would have played a bigger role. Two of my favs contain gardenia, but that seemed to be about it for that note.
  17. ECaruthers's Avatar
    I searched the BN Fragrance Directory for notes=jasmine and got 500. I think that's the max the search engine will return. It was also the number of hits I got for notes=rose.

    There have been lots of threads about the unreliability of pyramids. I think your experience with jasmine might be an example. It's a famous, romantic, even exotic element. So it might get listed by the manufacturer even if it's a very minor touch. Did that sound cynical? Surely not compared to what you'll see in the "worst ads of all times" threads. Maybe even in the "bests ads of all times."

    I can suggest an even more time consuming (but also more fun) approach. After listing what you smell, read at least some of the reviews and see what other people smell. I do this with most of what I have and with a fair number of bottles at TJMaxx or Marshall's that look like possible blind buys. Well, I think it's fun.
  18. laral28's Avatar
    Notes listed in a pyramid. I did have to turn to another reference because BN did not list several of my fragrances' notes. My nose is not quite sophisticated enough yet to do this on my own. Part of this was to further my education of identifying notes. Let me know what you think about the jasmine situation.
  19. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Hi, laral. Are you tallying the notes you smell or the notes listed in a pyramid?
  20. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your career-questioning day...I've had a few of those myself in the last year!

    Depending on how I 'want' to feel will determine the fragrance I select. Comforting scents for me are those warm, foody scents like vanilla, caramal, honey etc L'Occitane Honey & Lemon is a prime choice for comfort feelings.

    Other times I go with citrus for a more 'uplifting' affect mandarin, lemon and orange always seem to make me feel light and happy.

    I hope you're in a better space soon!
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