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    That is a very interesting observation. The new Jean Desprez fragrance (creator of Bal a Versailles) is being developed with layering in mind. It comes out the first quarter of 2011. The website will have more info. They also have a miniature promo at the moment on Bal a Versailles.
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    Hi tszumi--I can't describe it yet because yesterday, I tried on so many perfumes. All I remember is that it was glorious. So, today or tommorow, I'll try it on by itself and let you know.
  3. tsuzumi's Avatar
    I am grateful that the SAs here have been unfailingly polite and helpful, regardless of the store or brand. On the other hand, the prices are out of sight. Also, the product lineup is very small in the case of Guerlain. They don't have Rose Barbare here. What is it like?
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    I didn't get any samples either-but I had a great time. We went to Sephora and they gave me samples. I bought perfume at both places.
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    The people at the Guerlain shop were aloof and not at all helpful. They were doing makeovers and serving wine and little sandwiches to women dressed in black. So, I just bought my bottle of Rose Barbare and left. On the other hand--at Sephora down the road-I bought Serge Lutens' Fleur D'oranger and they gave me 4 very generous samples of other Lutens fragrances. The ironic thing is that the Guerlain shop knew that I was coming in from out of town--if they had spent more time with me-I probably would have bought another fragrance.
  6. tsuzumi's Avatar
    Well, I hope you had a great time. Maybe you got more samples than I did.
  7. 's Avatar
    Ha Ha--great article. I'm going to the Guerlain Boutique in Toronto, Canada-tommorow. I hope that I'll get lots of samples and encounter very nice sales people. I'm going to wear a halter top-just so that I don't run out of skin. Thank you!!!
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