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  1. Perfumery Training: Training, Long-Distance Education, Textbooks - Why No Availability?

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    Basically you first need to ask yourself this:

    1) What kind of perfume would I like to make? (all natural, from scratch, using pre-made blends like soap/candles fragrance oils, using aromachemicals etc.)

    2) How much time and money do I have? (professional aromatic materials are expensive and learning to make perfume takes time and perseverance)

    3) Do I want to learn it all by myself (self-taught) or do I want to follow a study? If you chose for a study
  2. DIY Suppliers List

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    Ok, I promised to add some of my sources once I got off the road. Had a very trying but successful weekend. We lost a very good friend in a tragic accident. The concert for Helping Hands children’s charities benefit we played for was a success though.
    Ok here is my growing suppliers list. If I have questions about one I will not add it.
    Essential Oils.
    Above ~~ This company has every essential oil used or mentioned
  3. Smelling Techniques: Guide & Summary

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    Basic smelling techniques are essential, and several viewpoints are culled here from the writings of industry pioneers Paul Jelinek, Edmond Roudnitska, and Stephen V. Dowthwaite. This summary provides fast practical advice. Enjoy! -LGV

    1) The Environment
    The act of smelling first starts in an appropriate environment, one that is as free as possible from abnormal ambient influences.
    Optimum Environment for Smelling:
    A Separate Room (with the following characteristics):
  4. DIY Suppliers List -- just so i always have it!

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    Suppliers of Perfumery Raw Materials (updated January 27, 2012):

    This is an alphabetical list of some of the companies from which I have bought perfumery materials as well as a few others. My experience with all of the companies on this list with whom I've done business has been generally positive unless noted otherwise. When I first posted this list, these were all companies that sell to individuals who are not buying by the kg, but that seems to be changing. If you are looking for
  5. busting out my shalimar cherry

    tonight i celebrate my love for guerlain
    and i'm gonna get l heure bleu and jicky eventually

    now that i smoke rollies i have $150 i can spend a month
    so that means at least two bottles of good perfume and a lot of iced blueberry coffees from dunkin

    shalimar is intimidating in its presence
    seems really formal right off the bat
    sensual in a way that women completely different than me are sensual
    if that makes any sense ...
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