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  1. A week in review...

    I went a-sniffing last week. Tried out some Summer recommedations, some classics and some new releases.

    The first stop was the Lancome counter. I haven't had much luck with this house in the past. Tresor and Miracle weren't my cup of tea and the Miracle spin-offs were too much like other fragrances I'd tried. I decided to give O de Lancome, O Oui! and Poeme a try.

    O de Lancome - a lovely, soft and refreshing citrus-based scent with a beautiful musky and feminine drydown. ...
  2. Sniffing desires

    Currently listening to: Misguided Ghosts - Paramore.
    Eating: Vanilla icecream.

    This post is about what we can't wait to test. That strong feeling of excitement and anticipation leading up to trying a scent that you suspect you'll love.

    I've had a few disappointments, along with some real treasures. I've found a lot of my fragrances through research prior to smelling. Just from understanding what olfactive groups you enjoy and what notes you like it's easy to ...

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  3. The Beginning....

    So here I am, at the very beginning. Eager to relate with you all and share my interests; the main one being perfume of course.

    I'm relatively new with my addiction. The perfume craze started only this time last year, (2009). It was something that felt right, something that I could never tire of. Scent is a beautiful thing.

    I'm not prejudice over fragrance brands. I like mainstream as well as niche, yet I'm only just beginning with niche fragrances. Here in Australia ...

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